These Fieldrunners’ are your bread and butter units that show up to spoil your day. There’s a combination of ground and air units to fight off, so let’s take a look at each of them in turn.

Grunt Deck Units

Each of the non-vehicle based units below contribute towards completing the 'Grunt Deck' achievements/cards.

The Runner

Your bog-standard infantryman who has minimal armour and can appear on their own, or in a large pack of runners. Weak to every type of tower you’ve got, but on later waves can prove quite tricky to kill if they’ve got a large health bar as they can be quite fast on their feet.

Reward: $1 + 100 points each

Super Trooper

These muscle-bound men can take a fair bit more damage than regular runners, but they’re still susceptible to each type of tower you can throw at them and they’re not as fast at running as regular runners.

Reward: $2 + 120 points each


These medical professionals emit a field of healing that can keep any nearby runners’ health from depleting. Can be damaged by all types of towers, so hit them with your heaviest ones ASAP or pause the game and drop an item on him for a direct hit.

Reward: $1 + 100 points each


These asbestos-suit wearing runners can run through your toughest flames whilst barely being tickled by them. If you know a map is littered with them, (which, if you use this guide you will do) then you can avoid using pyrotechnic-favouring towers. It’s also worth noting that they can be affected by fire-emitting items left on the ground…

Reward: $1 + 100 points each

Stubborn Runner

These blue-suited buffoons can slip past your speed-reducing towers like they’re not even there. The only tower they can’t escape the wrath of is the Polymorph Tower, so if you’ve got access to this particular tower, then you’re in luck. It’s also worth noting that they can be affected by speed-reducing items left on the ground…

Reward: $1 + 100 points each


If chemical warfare is ‘your bag’, then these guys are a pain in the bum. They’ll ignore Plague, Gas and Radiation Tower attacks, but!… if you have any chemical items (such as the ‘Spanish Flu’), then they can still be taken down by these.

Reward: $1 + 100 points each

Whirly Deck Units

These are all flying units that accelerate via propellers only, so having towers like the Tesla one will prove very beneficial…

Bad Day Blimp

These blimps are slow, but have very high health; so they’ll take a fair bit of punishment before they’ll go down. Upgraded slow towers sitting beside upgraded Tesla and Pyrotechnic Towers will work wonders on slowing them down even further.

Reward: $40 + 15,000 points each

Louie Copter

Faster than blimps and heavily armoured to boot; make sure you’ve got multiple upgraded slow towers and upgraded Tesla Towers to be sure of downing one of these mid-flight.

Reward: $10 + 1,700 points each

Huey Copter

Faster than Louie copters, but not as heavily armoured, these helicopters can still prove to be problematic in numbers. Slow towers are essential and upgraded towers are preferred when dealing with these.

Reward: $2 + 1,000 points each


Faster than Huey Copters but they have less health; making them much easier to take down. Fully upgraded Machine Gun or Spark Towers are usually enough on regular waves.

Reward: $2 + 800 points each

Bird Deck

Taking these down is anything but 'plane sailing'… (sorry).

S-17 Skywhale

Effectively flying tanks; these airplanes can take a decent amount of punishment before they’ll go down. But when they do go down, they’ll also take out any nearby units in the resulting explosion. Using multiple Slow Towers and a couple of fully upgraded Tesla Towers are your key to victory against one of these.

Reward: $5 + 2,400 points each


Sporting fast speeds and fairly decent armour, make sure you’ve got some Slow Towers to catch it in, before hitting it hard with some of your best towers.

Reward: $2 + 2,400 points each

Iron Deck Units

You can 'tank us' for our strategies later. (I think I'll stop now whilst I'm behind).

Dirty Hog

Consisting of a Super Trooper in a hog bike, these quick units aren’t heavily armoured, so most moderate damage towers can take care of them on a regular wave (versus endless mode health levels). Not immune to any type of tower or item.

Reward: $2 + 650 points each


Quicker than Dirty Hog units, but much weaker armour. Catch them in a Slow Tower, otherwise you run the risk of them nipping past your defences without you even realising it. The sneaky swines.

Reward: $1 + 300 points each


Identical to a Dirty Hog unit, except once destroyed it drops off a regular Fieldrunner grunt onto the map for you to stop. Not impervious to anything, so hit them with everything you’ve got.

Reward: $2 + 300 points each

Momma Tank

Seeing as these are built like, well… tanks, then you’re definitely going to want to catch it in a Slow Tower that’s surrounded by fully upgraded high-damage towers (such as Spark, Flamethrower and Tesla Towers). Single use items such as ‘Smart Mines’ can make short work of any that have made it through your defences.

Reward: $10 + 3,00 points each

Baby Tank

These are faster than Momma Tanks, but are still packing formidable armour/health, making it quite easy for them to nip past some of your best towers. Slowing them down is a priority if you want to deal maximum damage with each passing tower.

Reward: $5 + 2,000 points each

Heavy Transport

Reasonably well-armoured trucks that, once destroyed, drop off six regular grunt Fieldrunners. So your priority is to destroy them as soon as they enter the map, preventing the drop-offs from getting too close to the exit to kill (especially on later waves).

Reward: $2 + 500 points each

Jammed Jeep

These are faster than Heavy Transport trucks, so slowing them down is key to taking them out quickly. They’ll drop off four regular grunt Fieldrunners’, so having area-of-effect towers (like Pyro), will make short work of any drop-offs.

Reward: $2 + 450 points each

V2 on a Truck

These babies aren’t very fast or tough and are really designed as combo-triggers; as once they’re destroyed, they’ll create their own explosion that will kill pretty much any unit in range of the blast. The challenge for high-score chasers is timing their demise so they take out as many nearby units at the same time as possible. Using single-use items may prove helpful for such a task…

Reward: $2 + 500 points each


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