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Waves 1 - 10

There’s three entrances and three exits to deal with on this level. The key is to get them travelling to the same bridge(s) to maximise the damage dealt.

– Start by placing two Gun Towers facing the northern entrance as for the first nine rounds this is the only place they’ll come from.

– After upgrading those two towers, immediately place another two by the southern bridge as this’ll catch not only any runners that come from the northern part of the map, but also the helicopters that are due to fly past here in round 10.

– By the start of round nine, you should have enough cash for a Spark Tower, place this so it’s forcing the runners to the right side of the bridge (see screenshot above).

Waves 11 - 20

For these 10 rounds your main focus will be on directing the runners over the northern and western bridges.

– Once you’ve place another three Gun Towers so they’re forcing the northern units to double back over the bridge, they’ll naturally run in towards your Spark Tower and other towers, making extra light work of them.

– Don’t add or upgrade any new towers until round 17 where you should now have enough cash to buy a Flamethrower Tower. Set this down just above the left-hand Gun Tower at the southern end of the map.

– Sit tight until you get $40 and upgrade the Flamethrower Tower to level two.

– Now wait until you have enough cash to set down four Gun Towers and use these in a diagonal manner to direct the units from the north to the western bridge (see screenshot above).

Waves 21 - 30

Your maze will now start to take more shape and your Flamethrower Tower will hold off pretty much all enemies for a good few rounds yet.

– Place a couple of Gun Towers in a diagonal line towards your Flamethrower Tower, leaving a gap for a Slow Tower to sit directly above the Flamethrower Tower (the units will get close to it, allowing your Flamethrower to finish them off).

– Before round 30 shows up (along with Momma Tanks), block off the gap at the all by the western bridge with a Gun Tower, set a Spark Tower in the bottom-right corner of this bridge and upgrade it.

– From the Spark Tower to the very bottom of the map, place Gun Towers (to force the runners that will soon come from here up towards the western bridge).

Waves 31 - 40

Your maze will now severely weaken the current runners that attempt to get past, so just keep focusing on improving it for later rounds.

– Upgrade all Slow Towers and then start to create a mini-chicane in between the western and southern bridges (where the Slow Tower and Flamethrower Towers are).

– Even if they make it to the southern bridge, they’ll have to double back across it (if they came from the northern entrance - which most of them will), forcing them back into the Flamethrower.

– Set down a Plasma Tower at the north-west corner of the map so all of its shots are passing through the bridge archway. This’ll damage all runners coming over the northern bridge, all units that appear from the west and damage all units passing under - and over - the western bridge!

Waves 41 - 50

More runners will start to appear from the western entrances, so you’ll now want to focus on making the eastern part of the maze.

– Block off the eastern exits by setting down a few Gun Towers, forcing any runners to cross paths with your - now fully upgraded - Flamethrower Tower.

– Plant a few more Spark Towers near the western bridge, upgrade them and finish off the mini-chicane here.

– Set - and upgrade - a Tesla Tower a couple of tiles up from the Flamethrower Tower as this’ll catch enemies coming off the bridge and the numerous aviation vehicles that are/will be coming from the north.

Waves 51 - 60

Your maze should be pretty much done, so now just focus on strengthening what you already have.

– Directly south of the northern Plasma Tower you should place another Plasma Tower down so they’re bouncing their shots off each other.

– Upgrade the northern Plasma Tower to level two and upgrade all northern Gun Towers to damage those runners as much as possible as they cross the northern bridge.

– Swap out the Spark Tower at the northern bridge for a fully upgraded Flamethrower Tower.

– Beside this Flamethrower Tower set down a Tesla Tower as well (and be sure to upgrade it).

– Finally, near the western bridge swap out a Spark Tower for one of the Flamethrower variety (and don’t forget to upgrade it). Three stars should soon now be yours!

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