See those pesky Fieldrunners? It's your job to make sure they don't make it to the exit. By any - and every - means necessary.

The premise of Fieldrunners 2 is to prevent the enemy units from reaching the exit(s) on each of the 25 maps by burning/freezing/blowing up/gassing/lasering/electrocuting or just simply shooting them all to death. Each ‘wave’ of increasingly difficult enemy units will come from set areas on the map and they’ll follow a set path towards their designated exit (you can see this path when pausing the game).

You need to place down numerous Fieldrunner-hating towers on the map in a bid to either stop them from reaching their exit, or before too many escape. Thankfully, you can decide on the pace of the game by either pausing the action if you want to think your next move through, or you can even speed it up by clicking on the fast-forward button. The choice is yours.

Knowing when to buy new towers, and when to upgrade on the cheap, is a key skill to learn if you want to earn 3-stars in every single map.

Killing enemies gives you cash to spend towards your next tower. Each tower has a set method of dealing Fieldrunner destruction with advantages and disadvantages to each. Towers can be bought, sold and upgraded, allowing you to build up a map packed full of loads of different towers that twist and turn, making it extra difficult for the enemy to reach their goal.

Now; beating maps on harder difficulties (there’s a choice of ‘Causal’, ‘Tough’ or ‘Heroic’) will earn you more stars (up to a maximum of three on each map). More stars = more towers to choose from as they’re unlocked and the more enemies you kill, the more coins you’ll earn allowing you to also buy either more unique towers, or single-use items to use in the game to help you out in a tough-spot.

The Different Game Modes

There's different variations on this theme throughout the game, so let's take a look at each one in turn…


The bread-and-butter mode of Fieldrunners 2.

Even though the game allows for up to 19 runners to leave the map (with number 20 resulting in defeat), this guide is focused on letting NO Fieldrunners escape on any survival maps. And we also do it without using any paid-for items either. Coin-based items might not be essential in regular survival rounds, but they’re definitely essential on Endless mode if you’re after a high-score.

This is the first game mode you’ll encounter and your objective is to ensure that no more than the allowed number of enemy units reach the exit(s) on that map. The total number of units allowed is usually 20, but on certain maps it can be as low as three. Once you’ve cleared every wave without letting the allotted number enemies through, you’ll be given the option to either end the game here, or continue on to ‘Endless’ mode.

On Endless mode, the enemies will never stop and their health will increase with each new wave. Even the most solid of tower paths will be pushed to the test here and it’s pretty much essential to have a number of items at the ready as eventually the onslaught will take you down. Remember that the more kills you get means the more coins you earn and the higher your final score will be.

Time Trial

Time Trial maps are, generally, the hardest of the game modes available as the time limits are much tougher than they first appear.

The goal here is to kill a pre-set number of Fieldrunners before the clock runs down to zero (with the number required changing based on your chosen difficulty level). It’s pretty much essential on Heroic difficulty to play this mode in fast-forward speed as this only speeds up how quickly the Fieldrunners generate and run (the in-game clock runs at ‘real-time’ all the time).

The sooner you can kill a wave of enemies, the quicker the next wave will spawn, meaning you can hit your target sooner. And with time of the essence, that’s always a good thing!


Some puzzles evolve over each round and can often involve you manipulating the AI.

Your goal with a puzzle map is to kill a pre-determined number of enemies using a set choice of towers and/or items. These maps can get really challenging as they’ll force you to think ‘out of the box’ on numerous occasions. Thankfully, you’ve got our official strategy guide to make these puzzles a walk in the park.

Sudden Death

Airstrikes are essential when your target is a fairly hefty 1,000.

You can’t keep them all back forever as a crazy number of enemies run to the exit kamikaze-style. You’ll have to hold off a set number of enemies to complete the map (this amount varies depending on the difficulty level you’ve picked). You can’t use the ‘Rewind’ item either, but you can pause the game (essential when you’re trying to upgrade multiple towers at once).

You’ll earn money very quickly in this mode, so get into the habit of pausing every couple of seconds as you’ll usually earn enough money to upgrade a tower or two (especially early on). Airstrikes are also pretty essential as they’ll earn you a substantial number of kills if you time it right…


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