Waves 1 - 10

The key to this map is creating long, punishing lines of towers.

– Focus on placing Gun Towers at the entrance to the map, directing them so you’re pushing the units upwards.

– Upgrade the first two towers to give you time to earn what you need to place enough towers so it’s creating a path back down the map (see screenshot above).

Waves 11 - 20

The Laser Tower will provide useful cover (and combo opportunities) at the entrance of the map.

– Replace the first Gun Tower with a Laser Tower so it can damage units as they appear and as they start running up to the top of the map.

– By round 17 you should have enough cash for a Flamethrower Tower, swap out the Gun Tower beside the Laser Tower to have a formidable setup early on.

– Buy a Slow Tower immediately afterwards and place it where the Gun Tower above the Flamethrower Tower sits.

Waves 21 - 30

Keep the Tesla Towers in the middle of the map as this is where all the helicopters and planes come from.

– Your only real goal for the next 10 rounds is to place a Tesla Tower in between the Laser and Flamethrower towers. These Tesla Towers are perfect against the numerous Helicopters and planes you’ll face as the map progresses. Make sure to fully upgrade it before wave 31 starts.

Waves 31 - 40

The Flamethrower Tower will deal nice damage for the price of admission. Make sure you take advantage of this.

– Behind the Tesla and Flamethrower Towers, place another Tesla Tower and another Slow Tower. These are to finish off any arial attacks that make it through the first line of towers.

– Extend the pathway right down to the bottom of the map and if you follow the screenshot above, you can place another Laser Tower so it’s facing the whole of the pathway above it. Perfect for scoring some nice combos!

Waves 41 - 50

Focus on strengthening the middle of the map and then finish off the path to the bottom.

– Focus these 10 rounds on earning enough to place another Tesla Tower right beside the map entrance and also a Flamethrower Tower beside the Tesla Tower. Now upgrade them both, as they’ll provide additional backup on the helicopters/planes and deal damage to units as they first appear.

– On round 50, multiple Momma Tanks will show up along with some Louie Copters, so now’s a good time to use the Airstrike and use this cash to upgrade all the Gun Towers towards the top of the map.

Waves 51 - 60

Remember, Slow Towers near powerful towers will maximise the damage taken by the units.

– Alternate these tower upgrades between Flamethrower and Slow Towers to maximise the damage dealt (making sure the top tower is a Flamethrower one, see screenshot above).

– Upgrade the second Laser Tower to level 3 and upgrade any nearby Gun Towers also.

Waves 61 - 70

With a solid line in place, moving onto a decent Endless Mode run should be possible. This = big $$$ and big coins.

– Extend the third line up the map with some Gun Towers at the bottom and a Slow and Tesla Tower in the middle.

– Chuck a couple of Hive Towers in there if you’re after some combo points and stronger damage than the Gun Towers.

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