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If you fulfil the specified requirement located on each card-type, you’ll not only unlock a relevant achievement, but you’ll also be rewarded with an additional in-game bonus if you complete a ‘full deck’. Cards where a total number of enemy kills are required can be built up over time as long as you finish the match either by winning or losing. Quitting midway through won’t add any kills to your overall total.

For help on how to earn each specific achievement in detail, you can jump to our Achievements section using the menus above.

Grunt Deck

The running men.

Grunt Deck: Collect the Grunt Deck for 1,000 coins!

The Runner: Defeat 2,000 of The Runners

Super Troopers: Defeat 2,000 Super Troopers

Medic: Defeat 200 Medics

Toastmaster: Defeat 1000 Toastmasters

Stubborn Runner: Defeat 1000 Stubborn Runners

Hazmat: Defeat 2000 Hazmats

Iron Deck

These guys need the bigger guns.

Iron Deck: Collect the Iron Deck for 20 rewinds!

Dirty Hog: Defeat 1000 Dirty Hogs

Scrambler: Defeat 1000 Scramblers

Sidehacker: Defeat 1000 Sidehackers

Momma Tank: Defeat 250 Momma Tanks

Baby Tank: Defeat 300 Baby Tanks

Heavy Transport: Defeat 100 Heavy Transports

Jammed Jeep: Defeat 200 Jammed Jeeps

V2 on a Truck: Defeat 100 V2 on a Trucks

Legendary Panzer: Defeat one Legendary Panzer

Legendary Tiger: Defeat one Legendary Tiger

Bird Deck

Check our our Elite Units section to see which maps you need to be playing on to stand a chance of earning some of these cards.

Bird Deck: Collect the Bird Deck for 25 freezes!

Wingnut: Defeat 100 Wingnuts

S-17 Skywhale: Defeat 20 S-17 Skywhales

Fokker: Defeat 100 Fokkers

Flying Ace: Defeat one Flying Ace

Red Baron: Defeat one Red Baron

Night Fokker: Defeat one Night Fokker

Lieutenant Sakai: Defeat one Lieutenant Sakai

Whirly Deck

Thankfully none of these are too difficult to earn in the course of regular play.

Whirly Deck: Collect the Whirly Deck for 30 Mines!

Bad Day Blimp: Defeat 20 Bad Day Blimps

Louie Copter: Defeat 100 Louie Copters

Huey Copter: Defeat 250 Huey Copters

Hindenburg: Defeat one Hindenburg

Zeppelin: Defeat one Zeppelin

Fun Deck

Some of the toughest cards to earn are in this deck. We hope you've got a bit of spare time free…

Fun Deck: Collect the Fun Deck for 35 Spanish Flu!

Minute Man: Complete one mission in one minute.

First Class: Earn one million points on one mission.

Luxury Suite: Earn a whopping five million points on one mission.

Efficiency is Key: Defeat 10 rounds in a survival mission with no help from towers. Items will help.

No Slow: Defeat a survival mission without slow towers.

Jumbo Combo: Defeat 20 units in one combo. Boomshakalaka!

Chain Combo: Chain 20 combos in a row. You’re on fire!

Mr. Moneybags: Stockpile $500 in a mission without selling any towers.

The Thunder: Call it down! Unleash airstrike 7 times in one mission.

Itemized: Defeat 10 units at once using one item.

Dr. Strangelove: Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up a S-17 Skywhale.

Bullseye: Defeat 10 units at once by blowing up a V2 truck.

Link Limbo: Defeat 10 units, one after another, using a pair of Link Towers.

Spoils of War: Earn 10,000 coins. You don’t have to have them all at once.

Never Give Up…: Survive 150 rounds

Never Surrender!: Survive 200 rounds on Heroic.

World Deck

Simply earn all 75 stars to automatically get all of these. Thankfully, this guide makes getting 75 stars simpler.

World Deck: Collect the World Deck for 40 fire traps!

Starburst: Earn 30 stars

Veteran General: Complete all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.

2 Star General: Earn 2 stars on all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.

3 Star General: Earn 3 stars on all of the original maps. This doesn’t include DLC.

Hardcore Deck

Best of luck with these (well, there's no easy way around playing the game once a week, every week, for six months).

Hardcore Deck: Collect the Hardcore Deck for eternal fame (and 2,000 coins).

Bounty Hunter: Defeat every Elite Unit from the original maps. This doesn’t include the DLC.

Tour of Duty: Play once a week, every week, for 6 months. Yes, we mean it.

Day of Victory: Beat every level in 24 hours. This doesn’t include DLC.

Day of Triumph: Beat every level in 24 hours. On Heroic. No restarting. No failing. No Quitting.

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