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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Chapter 20 Fort Dragonfall

Nathan Garvin

Messing with MyCastle XIV

Pretty tame session of MyCastle this time, all you can build now are two new upgrades; the Lottery Shop and the Mess Hall. The maximized Lottery Shop gives you a shot at even better prizes, and the improved Mess Hall boosts your Hit rate in castle battles.

Equip your new and improved Yato, if you’re of that persuasion, and grind if necessary. Once done, it’s time to get the drop on Nohr!

Fort Dragonfall

Location Objective
Fort Dragonfall Defeat the boss.

Back in the Woods of the Forlorn, the Hoshidans will briefly discuss strategy before making a move that any strategist would call suicidal. Assault a massive fortress while the enemy army is behind you in overwhelming force just seems like a good way to get caught in a pincer maneuver, but hey, it’s best not to take this all too seriously. The Hoshidans will enter a most peculiar “fort”, only to find out that it is, of course, a trap.

Map of Chapter 20.

Compared to the enemy variety in the last battle, this fight is downright mundane. All the enemies you’ll fight here are tons of Faceless, save the boss, which is a beefed up Faceless. They’re functionally identical, save for the skills they possess; the weakling Faceless will have one skill that boosts stats a bit. Even with these boosts, however, their Attack is downright bad, and their poor Hit and Avoid rates should ensure that they’re missing most of the time, while dodging very little. Simply put, unless you’re chronically under-leveled or playing on a high difficulty, you should vastly outclass your foes here. But they’re just fodder anyways, right? Meant to waste your time while Iago’s trap does the heavy lifting?

There are hordes of Faceless on the map before the battle, but two more will appear right in front of you as the battle starts. But keep an eye on them, as the Faceless in this level can drop, in no particular order, a Bloom Festal , a Goddess Icon two Master Seals and 5000G .

The boss is the only exceptional unit, possessing a slew of skills that might make life a little more difficult. Essentially, you can consider him to have a whopping +50 Hit and Avoid rate against each weapon type, meaning even accurate characters like Takumi might find themselves missing the mark at times. His Attack is much higher than the rest of the Faceless, but not enough so to make him a notable offensive threat, and his Speed is likely to ensure you’re hitting him twice per encounter. He’s well protected with Hit Points, as well, but it should be noted that he has no skill boosting his stats against characters that use non-standard weapons, like Kaden. While Kaden will help, you can also take him down easily enough by performing ranged attacks. Even if they miss, if you do enough of them, he’ll fall, and he doesn’t have a way to counter ranged attacks anyways.

The only other things worth noting, and worry about, are the Acid Pools , which will deal several points of damage to you if you begin a turn in them (your front units will take some damage as the battle begins, how cheap!) and the Dragon Veins in each acid pool which neutralizes this hazard. There are also three chests at the eastern end of the map, and while at least one of them will be looted (and later dropped) by a Faceless, the rest will need to be opened by a Ninja. In the westernmost chest you’ll find a Spy’s Shuriken , while the two eastern chests contain a pair of Boots (southern chest, permanently increases Movement by 1) and a Seraph Robe (northern chest, permanently increases Max HP by 5). So trigger all the Veins, and open all the Chests!

When the boss Faceless is slain, the battle will end, and the Hoshidans will escape thanks to their Azura trump-card. Of course, afterwards she’ll suffer for it, as is her fate, and will reveal a secret about her singing that everybody should have seen coming a mile away. The Hoshidans will then scamper off before Iago can stop sniveling and turn his baleful gaze back upon them.

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