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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Chapter 26 Xander

Nathan Garvin

Castle: Combat Room

Location Objective
Castle: Combat Room, Nohr Defeat Xander.
Bow Knight
Great Knight
Malig Knight

No MyCastle this time, you have all the upgrades unlocked. Grind as you will, then move on to the next main story mission. Given the title, it’s a mystery what it could be about, eh? After a bit of chatter with his henchmen, the eponymous character of this chapter will receive your protagonist, and a fated duel begins. Sadly, Leo wasn’t lying, and you’re just out of your league (for now, anyways). The duel is paused by tragedy, after which insubordination interrupts the one-on-one standoff and results in a proper battle.

Map of Chapter 26.

The first thing you’ll notice about this battle is that your protagonist is locked away in a small chamber with only Xander for company. Fortunately, Xander is, for whatever reason, nowhere near as strong here as the cutscene made him seem. In fact, aside from his Hit Points, his stats are downright mundane. If you’ve leveled your protagonist well, you may be able to take out Xander all by yourself. Once he falls, the battle is over, so this could be a rather short engagement, indeed. Xander’s Resistance is rather paltry so Dragonstones will shine here.

Assuming that’s not the case, or that you wish to actually fight the battle fully, you have options. First, deal with the hulking General near the southern door (magic works wonders), then move a Ninja up to the door to open it. Xander doesn’t seem to care to stop you from leaving.

Once you’re away from Xander, note that the rest of the units on the map are fairly aggressive. Expect some of the hostiles to the west to attack immediately. Laslow and his guards, as well as Peri and her guards will trickle down the map over the course of alternating turns. You can safely wait for them and dispose of them, and most of the units that won’t come to you of their own volition can be lured down do you and defeated at your leisure. Well, almost at your leisure; after enough carnage has been caused, Xander will start to stir. That’s right, you can pretty much fight this entire battle defensively, if you need to bother with fighting it in detail at all. Aside from a Maid on either side of you possessing a Sun Festal , don’t expect much loot.

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