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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Reclassing and Skills

Nathan Garvin

Reclassing Caeldori. Note the stat changes that happen.

You’ll notice all the characters that join you have a myriad of different classes. It’s really fun to use them all, after all, variety is the spice of life. But characters aren’t doomed to stay in one class forever, and there are a lot of ways you can give your character even more variety! Let’s talk about classes .

So what is a class, anyways? It is a specific specialty that a character has. For example, Ninjas are very fast but not as powerful, with very weak Magic. Their weapon specialty is the Shuriken weapon class. The skills they learn are Locktouch and Poison Strike. Meanwhile, a Cavalier, will learn Elbow Room and Shelter and they specialize in Spears and Swords. These are all basic classes . Characters in basic classes will learn their skills at levels 1 and 10. Their stats are typically lower.

Characters who join in a base class, once they reach level 10, are free to promote to the advanced class that is linked to their base class. It’s recommended you be patient and go all the way to level 20 before doing this, to maximize stat growth. But either way, once your character is in advanced class land, you have opened the door to reclassing your character to diversify their stats and skillsets. A Master Seal will promote your character from base class to advanced class.

Advanced classes learn their skills at level 5 and 15. They are usually far more potent and useful, and so more sought after.

Level 20 of your advanced class isn’t the end of the road, however. You can use a variety of Seals to jump from one advanced class to the next! This provides more opportunity for stat growth and lets you add skills from one class that you can use in another. For example, you can reclass a character to Swordmaster to learn Astra, then reclass to another class and still possess Astra. Skills are an integral part of the game and combining skills in all kinds of combinations can lead to very powerful characters!

Let’s discuss the several ways you can go about reclassing once you have graduated from your base class.

Seal Description
Master Seal Reclasses from base class to advanced class
Heart Seal Reclasses based on a character’s “personality”
Friendship Seal Reclasses based on who a character achieves A+ **** rank support with
Partner Seal Reclasses based on a character’s marriage partner (S rank)
Eternal Seal Does not reclass, but increases the level cap by 5

On the left, Midori has hit her cap of level 20. On the right, Ryoma has passed it by using 3 Eternal Seals.

Reclassing will not reset your level back to 1. In exchange, the new Eternal Seal item is essentially the limit breaker for character level, increasing the max cap by 5 every time you use one. Plus, you have no limit on how many Eternal Seals you can use. The only downside is they cost 12,000 gold per Seal. Mind your wallet carefully.

Since you cannot go back to a base class once you have used a Master Seal, how are you supposed to learn the skills of a base class? And how are you supposed to learn skills of an advanced class once you have surpassed level 15? No worries! Once you have reclassed, when you level up for the first time in that new class , you will gain the first skill from the base class if you do not already have it. And then when you level up a second time, you will gain the next skill. If you have none of the skills in the base or advanced class, leveling up four times will give you access to the four skills (two from base class, two from advanced class).

As you can see, the Avatar here has a healthy list of skills to pick from.

Additionally, you can have a maximum of six skills equipped at once. So if you have more than six skills, some will have to be unequipped. You can only customize five skills. The first skill is a character-exclusive skill (such as Miraculous Save on Kaze) that cannot be passed down, purchased from MyCastle visits, or unequipped. The remaining five are learned from various classes and can be equipped and unequipped at any time! The skill placed at the bottom of the list will be inherited by a child character, if the unit is married and has a child paralogue available.

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