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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Chapter 13 Another Hope

Nathan Garvin

Messing with MyCastle VII

MyCastle has one new structure to create, and this one is another castle-battle only structure; the Fortress. You know these things, stand in them and they heal you. If you participate in MyCastle battles and want to build a defensive strong-point… well, here you go. Upgrades are more interesting, however, as you can upgrade your Traveler’s Plaza and your resource-generating buildings, which allow you to meet more players and give you a higher chance of harvesting more resources, respectively.

That’s pretty much it for MyCastle this time around. Level up your new foxy friend if you wish, then move on to the next mission.


Location Objective
Cheve Rout the enemy.
Wyvern Rider
Malig Knight

Map of Chapter 13.

You will finally arrive in Cheve, having safely fled from Garon’s army. Unfortunately, another sibling absent from the previous scuffle will show up and cause trouble, and she’ll bring an old “friend”, whose betrayal helped throw subsequent events into motion…

Camilla is as possessive as always, so much so she’s willing to use a significant force of Nohrians to reclaim you! This time, there are no escapes, you’ll have to defeat all the foes to emerge victorious this time. Fortunately, Camilla and Hans are nowhere near as powerful as Garon and Xander, so you’ve got a realistic shot of beating them.

You’ll start out in the south-western corner of the map, and instead of water that prevents (or ice that hinders) movement, you’ve got a number of houses littered about to the east of where your party starts. Not only do these obstacles break up the action, but you can also “Visit” them for loot, as noted below (the houses are listed in order, from west to east). Upon picking up the Heart Seal you’ll get a tutorial (32. Reclassing) on… well, reclassing. Simply put, you can use Heart Seals to change classes while remaining at the same level, useful for picking up skills that character otherwise couldn’t. Keep in mind, however, that attribute growth is mostly character-based, so turning a Diviner into a Samurai probably won’t turn out too well. You can buy most seals from the Rod Shop in MyCastle, Master Seals promote a character from a base class into an advanced class (you must be level ten to do this, but you can wait until level twenty to scrounge for extra stat boosts), Partner Seals allow you to switch into another character’s class you have an S rank with and Friendship Seals allow you to switch into another character’s class you have an A+ rank with.

House Item
House #1 Heart Seal
House #2 Spirit Dust
House #3 10,000G
House #4 Talisman
House #5 Steel Yumi
House #6 Wane Festal

The units you’ll face here are diverse, but again nothing special. The foes here do not carry an abundance of ranged weapon, and there are only Outlaws and Wyvern Riders. For the most part this will be a melee slug-fest. To complicate this somewhat, however, there are four unique units and four Dragon Veins. The Dragon Veins usually affect distant areas, reducing the Hit Points of every unit in said area to one. Yikes. Camilla just so happens to be near one which affects the western-most bridge, which she’ll gladly use if you give her the chance, so ignore that bridge, or at least avoid the affected area. You have Hans to the east, a moderately powerful Berserker who has an Attack score about ten points higher than anything else on this map. At the top of the map you’ll find Camilla (a Malig Knight) with modest Attack and decent Avoid and her retainers, Beruka (Wyvern Rider) and Selena (Mercenary), both of whom aren’t terribly interesting.

Start out by killing the Outlaws immediately to the east (either using the Dragon Vein to soften him up or not) then claim his 3000G . After this there are a few Fighters far to the east, and some units to the north who will be joined by Cavaliers and another Wyvern Rider. The former of these sit enticingly near the bridge, but don’t fall for their ruse, as it’ll just prompt Camilla to smite you. If you progress too far to the east, you’ll also lure in Cavaliers from that side of the map. Lure and kill the Cavaliers to the north, then to the east, then progress east.

Around House #3 there’s a Dragon Vein (just two tiles east of the “Visit” tile). This Dragon Vein gives you the great opportunity to pull off a mighty coup, as Camilla is in range of it. If you sit somebody on top of it (preferably somebody with a red weapon, a beefy Resistance score and a high Evade rate, or the best mix of the three you can get) Camilla will charge down the map at them and attempt to blast them with Ragnarok. Isolated, she can be picked off by a well-placed Archer, which will remove one of the more dangerous units from the map.

One major threat down, one to go. Continue pressing on east to reach Hans, who will attack if you come too close. You can easily dispatch him if you move a quick unit along the southern end of the map to reach the Dragon Vein there, which will drop him to one Hit Point. Hinoka is a champ for this purpose, just make sure she’s not threatened by Hans’s Outlaw buddies. If you have to deal with Hans more conventionally, try to use ranged attacks to soften him up, as he hits pretty hard.

Once those two are dispatched and the southern half of the map is cleared, you should only have to deal with the rush of straggler Knights, who will descend from each side of the map. Selena, the last unique unit on the map, will journey down with the western end of the map. This shouldn’t be much of a challenge for you though. When the last unit falls, this battle is over.

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