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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright


Nathan Garvin

Hoshidan. An ascetic who strives towards enlightenment. Uses rods.

Stat Growth Rate
Health 0%
Strength 5%
Magic 10%
Skill 10%
Speed 15%
Luck 15%
Defense 0%
Resistance 20%
Skill Effect
Miracle If unit has more than 2 HP, there is a Luck % that the unit will survive a lethal hit with 1 HP
Rally Luck Using the command “Rally” grants all allies within two tiles Luck+8 for one turn

Promotes to: Omnyoji or Great Master

The Monk is the male-exclusive version of the Shrine Maiden. As such, both share the same skillset and growth rates, but promote to either Great Master (Monk) or Priestess (Shrine Maiden), who use different weapons.

The Monk is basically a standard healing class, and all armies will absolutely need a dedicated healer. Like the Shrine Maiden and many other unpromoted healers, the Monk has no way of attacking or defending, which can in the beginning cause headaches when leveling him up. But the rewards are well worth it, and even healing allies for just 1 HP will allow them to gain experience.

Gaining access to Rally allows the units to have more use beyond just healing as well. They can become “rallybots”, units specializing in acquiring multiple rally skills so that one use of the “Rally” command boosts multiple stats.

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    20 April 2016
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    7 December 2020
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    Nathan Garvin, Cassie Sun

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You are the Avatar, born into the Hoshido royal family but raised by the Nohr royal family. With the two families on the brink of war, you must choose whether to follow your destiny tied to your birthplace or the fate bound to the kingdom which raised you. Birthright charts the path of the Hoshido family and their defense against the Nohr. But ultimately the choice is yours.

Our guide will include the following:

  • Complete coverage of the main story.
  • All side quests uncovered.
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  • Details on features new to the Fire Emblem series.
  • Skills, monsters, Promotions and Reclassing explained and much, much more!

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