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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Paralogue 5 Bold Approach

Nathan Garvin
Location Objective
Riverside Village, Nohr Defeat the boss.

Map of Paralogue 5.

Silas’s daughter, Sophie, along with her disobedient horse, will star this Paralogue. Be sure to talk to Sophie with Silas to recruit her in-battle. She’s way up in the northeast corner, but Silas if he’s still a mounted unit can travel far, and if he pairs up with Sophie after recruiting her, they’ll catch up to the main bulk of your army in no time.

This Paralogue is going to be annoying if you’re a completionist, and here’s why. There are six Villagers in the far south of the map. They will be running straight at the enemy . This is because the tile the boss, Nichol, is standing on just so happens to be their escape tile . Can you see where this is going? No? The Villagers are going to be directly in enemy’s attack range . They are completely unarmed, and will run towards them anyways. If you want all of the rewards you can get, plus bragging rights, you need to protect all of them. This means moving very fast.

Your saving grace here is that a giant moat/river of sorts creates a natural bottleneck right in the middle. If you can plug it up before the Villagers get there, you’ll prevent them from moving until the path is clear. This means you need to send your fastest moving units in that direction, pronto. This includes flying units, Takumi and his terrain-ignoring bow, and mounted units of any kind. I recommend they also ferry someone else with them for more firepower later on.

Then you need to quickly smash through the crowd of foes on the east side of the map so that they won’t catch the Villagers by surprise. After that, it’s steady progress moving forward. Make sure you keep healers on hand. The enemies have healers too, you definitely want to defeat them first. The are many forts scattered around in the northwestern side of the map. When you’re ready to rush, make sure you rush hard and fast so the Villagers stay safe.

Nichol himself is a flying unit, so unleash your best archer on him and he will fall quickly. Afterwards, Sophie will permanently join you and hopefully you kept all of the Villagers safe!

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You are the Avatar, born into the Hoshido royal family but raised by the Nohr royal family. With the two families on the brink of war, you must choose whether to follow your destiny tied to your birthplace or the fate bound to the kingdom which raised you. Birthright charts the path of the Hoshido family and their defense against the Nohr. But ultimately the choice is yours.

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