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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright

Chapter 11 To the Sea

Nathan Garvin

Messing with MyCastle, V

Another (perhaps thankfully) dull MyCastle section this time; you can now build three Puppet variants (Puppet A, Puppet B and Puppet C), which “supports your defenders during castle battles” (Invasions, player versus player, etc.). You’ll also unlock the cosmetic Hoshidan Square, which will beautify your castle. Finally there’s the Hot Spring, which will let you enjoy some sexy, relaxing underwear time…. so it’s basically cosmetic. Build up your new characters if you feel necessary, then move on to the next mission.

Building at least one Puppet is a good idea so you can recruit an ally later.

Sea of Hoshido

Location Objective
Sea Rout the enemy.
Sky Knight
Wyvern Lord
Falcon Knight
Malig Knight
Wyvern Rider
Kinshi Knight

Your goal right now is to cross the sea to Nohr, where Ryoma might be. Of course, there’s no such thing as an uneventful sea voyage in a video game, and in a scene all too reminiscent of the first Shining Force game, things quickly go awry.

Map of Chapter 11

Since the enemies are all fliers, and all fliers tend to be able to move far, you can expect the enemy to largely control the conflict. There are two ways to counter this; play defensively, have melee units - particularly sword-armed Samurai and other characters, of which you should have several (Silas, Hana, and Hinata) - form up on the interior, while ranged units stay in between them, so as many units can attack encroaching fliers as possible. Face red weapon units to the south to counter the Wyvern Lords and blue weapon units to the north to hold off Sky Knights. You can also make use of Dragon Veins scattered throughout the map to “create storms that slow fliers down”. Since this is an excellent way to even the odds, and the Dragon Vein doesn’t discriminate against your fliers or theirs, you might as well also leave your Sky Knights out of this one, too.

As suggested earlier, form a defensive all with your red weapon melee units and pull everybody to the north. The two Wyvern Riders to the south will be the first to attack, and one of them comes equipped with a Throwing Club (which he’ll drop when he’s vanquished). This uniquely-armed Wyvern Rider will probably be exceptionally foolhardy, attacking a vulnerable unit behind the defensive line, but this also draws him forward into a precarious position, allowing him to be dispatched easily next turn. Live by the Throwing Club, die by the sword. Jerk.

After the first turn your ranks will be bolstered by Reina, a Kinshi Knight who seems to be looking for you all. As a Kinshi Knight she comes equipped with both a bow (green) and a naginata (blue), and is quite powerful. Just be sure to talk to her with your protagonist to gain control of her directly. Once that’s over with, wait out the enemy attacks and kill everything that approaches, then start moving west along the ship, keeping formation as best you’re able and using any Dragon Veins along the way… and of course, repelling the attacks of your foes as you move into range.

There are several promoted classes that’ll break up the monotony of Wyvern Riders and Sky Knights as you go, the first of which will be the enemy Malig Knight. Get it? Malig Knight, malignant? Clever guys, these translators. You know, except for changing the long-standing names of a lot of the classes, but… Anyways, the Malig Knight is a magic-user of modest power who shouldn’t trouble you too much. At the same time - but from the opposite direction - your life will be made a little worse by a hostile Kinshi Knight, who will do foul, foul things to any Diviners or Ninjas she catches, but will be thwarted by most melee troops and Archers. She’ll helpfully drop a Master Seal when she falls.

As you cross into the middle of the ship you’ll find yourself protected by some terrain impassible even to fliers, and you can further thwart them by activating a second Dragon Vein. Less fun, however, is the fact that another pair of Sky Knights and another Kinshi Knight will spawn to pester you. This second Kinshi Knight will drop an Illusionary Yumi when she falls, which is a low-power bow that grants its wielder a hefty +10 Resistance bonus, great for shooting down enemy magic-users.

Lure and destroy any and all nearby enemies, then note the terrain again. From here on you’ve got two paths you can follow; north or south. You’ll need to clear both to complete the level (obviously, since you need to kill all foes), but this doesn’t need to be a harrowing journey where you keep your forces split until they reunite at the western end of the ship. There should be only two foes to the south, another Wyvern Rider, who can be easily dispatched by any moderately powerful melee character (perhaps with the support of an Archer) and a Falcon Knight, another advanced class that’s a combination healer/melee fighter. Her attack is fairly high, but if you lure out the Wyvern Rider by just entering the outer-most range of his movement (remember the magical (X) button that shows you overlays of enemy ranges?) she’ll be alone, and on her own she’s nothing a well-placed arrow can’t bring down. Be wary, however, as another Sky Knight and Wyvern Rider may appear as reinforcements to the north and south, respectively.

Once those two are gone regroup back in the middle and take the northern path, luring foes out singly if caution suits you until finally you’re dealing with the final handful of enemies, including a Sky Knight with a Steel Nageyari (a weapon with range) a pair of Wyvern Riders, a Malig Knight and the boss of this level; a Wyvern Lord. You’ll be well-served by taking this last foe seriously, as he’s quite powerful, having a decent attack and a Killer Lance, which gives him a whopping +25% critical hit chance and deals more damage on a critical hit. Taking that into consideration, you don’t want him attacking in melee. Plot your move well and lure him into attacking with his ranged weapon - which is far less deadly than his lance - then counter on the next turn with magic-users and/or archers. He’ll drop you an Arms Scroll and most likely level up anybody who kills him.

After all the foes have been dealt with, an old foe will reappear, a most unlikely hero will step forward, and the boat will continue carrying you to Nohr.

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