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Pokémon: Black and White
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Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 30-05-2011 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 20-09-2019 / 18:23 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-09-2019 / 20:13 GMT

Pokémon: Black and White Guide

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New Adventures (Part 1)

Old Places, New Faces


Before heading straight to all the new fangled postgame locations, spare a thought for some of the old places that you haven’t visited in absolute ages. While you won’t find much new there, perhaps you’ll find some items or easter eggs you missed earlier.

As for what’s definitely new, head back to Professor Juniper’s lab in Nuvema Town . You can find Bianca here, offering you advice to ensure your postgame adventure is eventful. On Saturday Nights, you can even challenge her to a Pokemon battle!

Trainer Battle: Bianca

Bianca can be fought every Saturday night and will also offer post-game tips.

Pokemon Level Type Note
Stoutland 63 Normal -
Simipour 63 Water Only if you picked Tepig
Simisage 63 Grass Only if you picked Oshawott
Simisear 63 Fire Only if you picked Snivy
Musharna 63 Psychic -
Mienshao 63 Fighting -
Chandelure 63 Ghost/Fire -
Serperior 65 Grass Only if you picked Tepig
Emboar 65 Fire Only if you picked Oshawott
Samurott 65 Water Only if you picked Snivy

Basically her original team with added Mienshao and Chandelure. You already fought both of these Pokemon during your Elite Four campaign, so they shouldn’t surprise you.

After showing Bianca who’s boss, set a course for Nimbasa City and head into Route 5. South of the trailer, you can find Cheren mulling over his Pokemon career. In the end, he leaves, but not before inviting you for a rematch. Now you can battle Cheren at the end of Victory Road daily.

Trainer Battle: Cheren

Cheren will once again be proven second best. You have to feel a little sorry for this guy.

Pokemon Level Type Note
Liepard 65 Dark -
Simisear 65 Water Only if you picked Tepig
Simipour 65 Grass Only if you picked Oshawott
Simisage 65 Fire Only if you picked Snivy
Unfezant 65 Normal/Flying -
Gigalith 65 Rock -
Haxorus 65 Dragon -
Samurott 67 Water Only if you picked Tepig
Serperior 67 Grass Only if you picked Oshawott
Emboar 67 Fire/Fighting Only if you picked Snivy

Like Bianca, Cheren uses his regular party, plus Gigalith and Haxorus. Haxorus, you’ll know is pretty beastly from your final Gym battle. Gigalith is pretty tough too, with a combination of Sturdy (cannot be OHKO) and Stone Edge (high critical) causing potential fatalities.

Upon emerging victorious for the 8th or so time, there’s one more battle to mention, but one that you may want to delay until later. When your Pokemon are suitably strong enough, return to the GAME FREAK HQ in Castelia City and speak to the man in the group of three on the right…

Trainer Battle: GAME FREAK Morimoto

Morimoto is not to be trifled with. This guy packs a serious punch.

Pokemon Level Type
Liepard 75 Dark
Simisear 75 Water
Simipour 75 Grass
Simisage 75 Fire
Swoobat 75 Psychic/Flying
Zebstrika 77 Electric

Morimoto is a programmer at GAME FREAK, so you’re kind of fighting a god here. Luckily, his Pokemon aren’t immensely powerful, disregarding their high Levels. At least you’re not fighting Arceus and five other Legendary Pokemon!

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