Moor of Icirrus


Essentially an extension of Route 8, with all the lovely puddles of water you should have become accustomed to.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Palpitoad (except Winter) Water/Ground Puddle 40%
Shelmet (except Winter) Bug Puddle 40%
Stunfisk (except Winter) Ground/Electric Everywhere 20% (Puddle), 100% (Surf), 95% (Ripples), 30% (Fishing)
Seismitoad Water/Ground Surf 5% (Rippling water)
Barboach Water/Ground Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling water)
Whiscash Water/Ground Super Rod 10% (Rippling water)
Croagunk (except Winter) Poison/Fighting Puddle Swarm 40%


Nugget, Max Revive, Sitrus Berry, Big Mushroom, Revive, Max Potion, Max Elixir, Ultra Ball, Max Ether, Carbos

Points of Interest

  • A special event will occur if you have all four of the following Pokemon in your party: Keldeo, Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion. This will cause the event-only Pokemon Keldeo to learn Secret Sword .


Start by heading left, where you’ll come across a clearing. If you bring the legendary Pokemon Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion and Keldeo here, Keldeo will learn Secret Sword and transform into its Resolute Forme . The former three can be caught in this game, but Keldeo can only be obtained via a special event.

To the east of the clearing is a boulder that you can push with Strength. Past here is a deep pool, some items and a Parasol Lady standing in a very awkward position. If it’s Winter, you can’t even stop in front of her to begin a battle!

Nope, there is no way to slide to the Parasol Lady… Howd she even get there?!

Trainer Battle: Parasol Lady

Pokemon Level Type
Frillish 34 Water/Ghost
Frillish 34 Water/Ghost

With this little corner fully explored, return to the clearing and slowly make your way clockwise around the moor. Towards the north you can exchange fistcuffs with a male Pokemon Ranger.

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Vanillish 35 Ice
Fraxure 35 Dragon

Then when you’re ready, leap down the ledge to his south and check out the remaining part of the moor. Around here, you can face two trainers.

Trainer Battle: Fisherman

Pokemon Level Type
Basculin 34 Water
Stunfisk 34 Ground/Electric

Trainer Battle: Pokemon Ranger

Pokemon Level Type
Emolga 34 Electric/Flying
Maractus 34 Grass
Alomomola 34 Water

…And that’s about it for this area. Kind of underwhelming really, but still a lot of fun, especially if it’s slippery Winter. Now have your avian friend use Fly to return to Icirrus City or whichever town you want to go to.


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