At last! Victory Road, the final stretch before the ultimate test.


Victory Road is a steep mountain and the last hurdle before the Pokemon League–and one you certainly don’t want to trip over!

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Fraxure Dragon Rough 10%
Mienfoo Fighting Rough, Cave 1F-7F 10%
Vullaby (B) Dark/Flying Rough 35%
Rufflet (W) Normal/Flying Rough 35%
Heatmor Fire Rough 45%
Boldore Rock Cave 1F-7F 20%, 30% (2F-7F)
Woobat Psychic/Flying Cave 1F-7F 10%, 20% (2F-7F)
Durant Bug/Steel Cave 1F-7F 40%
Deino Dark/Dragon 1F only 20%
Excadrill Ground/Steel Dust cloud 100%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Red Basculin (B) Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Blue Basculin (W) Water Surf/Super Rod 100% (Surf), 30% (Fishing)
Poliwag Water Super Rod 60%
Poliwhirl Water Super Rod 10%, 65% (Rippling water)
Poliwrath Water/Fighting Super Rod 5% (Rippling water)
Terrakion Rock/Fighting Trial Chamber Legendary


Max Revive, Rare Candy, Ultra Ball, TM12 Taunt, Hyper Potion, Full Restore, Revive, Calcium, Full Heal, Carbos, TM93 Wild Charge, Nugget, Max Revive, Max Potion, TM02 Dragon Claw

Points of Interest

  • After encountering Cobalion, you can try and catch the Legendary Terrakion inside the Trial Chamber, near the end of Victory Road.
  • Once you’ve beaten the Elite 4 and spoken to Cheren in Route 5, he will wait near Victory Road’s exit, ready for a rematch with Level 60+ Pokemon.


Head forward into the cave. Follow the linear route in here and you’ll soon find some stairs leading up. Take them and then head south in the next room to find an unavoidable fight…

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Whimsicott 45 Grass
Zebstrika 45 Electric

Huh… how is that scary? Then again, were not the 2D pixel people.

Run left and through the doorway to reach the outside. Here you’ll see that you can use the cliff walls to slide, so run to the right and slide down! Run right and enter the first entrance you see, then navigate anti-clockwise around the water, before going up the stairs.

In this next cavern, taking the south exit doesn’t lead anywhere interesting (you can try if you’re curious), so instead go up and take the next flight of stairs leading upstairs. When you re-emerge, an Ace Trainer will be standing closeby.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Stoutland 45 Normal
Scolipede 45 Bug/Poison

Once you’ve beaten him (or snuck past), take the south exit, which this time leads somewhere useful. Outside, you can head right and slide down to the lower level to grab an item, but bear in mind you’ll need to backtrack a little to return to this point again.

If you head left, there will be two caves within close proximity of one another. Take the closest one first–the “middle” of the three caves, so to speak. Inside is a Veteran trainer, who you can battle.

Trainer Battle: Veteran

Pokemon Level Type
Beheeyem 44 Psychic
Heatmor 44 Fire
Lilligant 44 Grass

In this cavern, taking the stairs leading down will take you back to the entrance. Which isn’t a bad thing at all; use Strength to push the boulder and you’ll create a handy shortcut. Meanwhile, using the stairs leading up will land you in another room with an Ace Trainer.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

This trainer uses all three Simi Pokemon.

Pokemon Level Type
Simisage 44 Grass
Simisear 44 Fire
Simipour 44 Water

Continue on from the Ace Trainer to exit out onto a ledge, with an item sitting comfortably nearby. Grab the item, then head backwards, past the previous two trainers, until you’re outside and next to three cave entrances. This time take the left-most entrance (the one you haven’t been to).


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