Twist Mountain


Twist Mountain is known as a mine filled with valuable ore. True to its name, it’s quite twisty and rather annoying to explore, requiring you to weave in and out of the mountain. Its layout also drastically changes when it’s Winter or not Winter.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Boldore Rock Inside Cave 49% (Spr), 45% (Sum), 49% (Aut), 30% (Win)
Woobat Psychic/Flying Inside Cave 10% (Spr), 20% (Sum), 10% (Aut), 10% (Win)
Gurdurr Fighting Inside Cave 30% (Spr), 30% (Sum), 30% (Aut), 10% (Win)
Cubchoo Ice Inside Cave 10% (Spr), 4% (Sum), 10% (Aut), 45% (Win)
Cryogonal Ice Inside Cave 1% (Spr), 1% (Sum), 1% (Aut), 5% (Win)
Drilbur Ground Dust Cloud 100%


Obtainable now
Ultra Ball, HM03 Surf, Full Heal, Revive, Hyper Potion, Stardust, Moon Stone, Max Potion, Ether, Nugget, Elixir, PP Up, Protein, TM91 Flash Cannon, TM90 Substitute, Metal Coat, Iron, Rare Candy
Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, Old Amber, Root Fossil, Claw Fossil, Skull Fossil, Armor Fossil

Points of Interest

  • A giant Ice Rock can be found in the centre of the bottom-most floor. If you Level Up Eevee on this floor, it will evolve into the Ice-type Glaceon .
  • In the chamber before the Ice Rock, a Worker will give you a random Pokemon fossil once per day. after you’ve beaten the game.


Try to head up the mountain and you’ll be onset by your ‘friend’…

Trainer Battle: Cheren

Does Cheren ever give up? He uses the same Pokemon but they just have slightly higher levels.

Pokemon Level Type Note
Unfezant 33 Normal/Flying -
Liepard 33 Dark -
Simisear 33 Water Only if you picked Tepig
Simipour 33 Grass Only if you picked Oshawott
Simisage 33 Fire Only if you picked Snivy
Dewott 35 Water Only if you picked Tepig
Servine 35 Grass Only if you picked Oshawott
Pignite 35 Fire/Fighting Only if you picked Snivy

Deal with him and the Champion will catch up with you to give you the HM03 Surf ! This technique lets you use any aquatic Pokémon to surf across rivers and lakes in the world, as well as being one of the best water based attacks in the game.

Continue on up the mountain and you’ll soon encounter…

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Boldore 34 Rock
Gurdurr 34 Fighting

Enter the cave… Walk forward to meet up with Cheren and an old acquaintance, enjoy the banter and then continue the way you were going.

If its Winter, you can potentially skip a LOT of trainer battles, including all of the below.

Go right and exit out onto the excavation site. Follow the walk way right and take the exit located at the 6 o’clock position. Follow the path around, either fight the Hiker or avoid him

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Woobat 33 Psychic/Flying
Boldore 33 Rock
Gurdurr 33 Fighting

Past the Hiker, take the first junction leading north if you fancy a battle with an Ace Trainer; otherwise continue right.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Vanillish 35 Ice
Gothorita 35 Psychic
Duosion 35 Psychic

The second junction going up is where you want to go, but you’ll need to get past a Battle Girl.

Trainer Battle: Battle Girl

Pokemon Level Type
Throh 36 Fighting

After heading north, take the exit out onto the excavation walkway. Once outside, you’ll find a Worker directly to your south if you desire a scrap.

Trainer Battle: Worker

Pokemon Level Type
Boldore 34 Rock
Excadrill 34 Ground/Steel


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