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Chargestone Cave


This curious cave is host to an interesting phenomenon: magical floating rocks. Or if you prefer the “boring” scientific explanation, they’re electrically charged rocks that hover because of the cave’s powerful magnetic field.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Boldore" IconBoldore Rock 1F, B1F, B2F 10%
"Joltik" IconJoltik Bug/Electric 1F, B1F, B2F 39% (1F, B1F), 36% (B2F)
"Ferroseed" IconFerroseed Grass/Steel 1F, B1F, B2F 20%
"Klink" IconKlink Steel 1F, B1F, B2F 29% (1F, B1F), 26% (B2F)
"Tynamo" IconTynamo Electric 1F, B1F, B2F 2% (1F, B1F), 8% (B2F)
"Drilbur" IconDrilbur Ground Dust Clouds 100%


Lucky Egg, Parlyz Heal, Revive, Heal Ball, Elixir, Hyper Potion, Iron, HP Up, Max Potion, Magnet

Points of Interest


Start to walk forward and you’ll soon meet up with the unique ‘N’ once again, who doesn’t want a fight just yet. Try to head deeper into the cave and Bianca and the Professor will accost you with a gift: a Lucky Egg .

When you see a smaller block, look for a larger block nearby that you can push it towards.

Head up to the right of Bianca and push the electric block to the left so you may proceed, you’ll be doing a lot of this throughout the cave so get used to the idea, the little rocks can be pushed towards the large electrical crystals.

The next block you come to must be pushed to the right. Do so, then head up, at which point you must decide whether to head up or to the right. Going right leads to a trainer and item, so go that way first if you want, then take the route going up.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Klink" IconKlink 29 Steel

Continue right and you’ll come across an Ace Trainer who can be avoided, which is advisable unless you’ve got an Electric type handy.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
"Archen" IconArchen 31 Rock/Flying

The two floating crystals here require you to push the top block left then the second one down. Follow the path where you shoved the crystal and the professor and Bianca will catch up and provide you with some extra information.

After listening to them, you can head up to fight a trainer or head south toward a bridge which you need to cross over.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
"Boldore" IconBoldore 26 Rock
"Gurdurr" IconGurdurr 26 Fighting

Past the bridge, push the next crystal down and head through the gap, fighting or avoiding the researcher here.

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
"Klink" IconKlink 29 Steel

Next, head down the stairs.

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