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Pokémon: Black and White
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Daniel Chaviers
First Published: 30-05-2011 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 31-05-2020 / 09:02 GMT

Pokémon: Black and White Guide

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Gym 5

Driftveil City

Driftveil City


Driftveil is a fairly community driven community, with a free market luring visitors using the city's shipping and cargo holding facilities. Considering the gym leader’s penchant for mining as well, it would seem Driftveil is doing fine for supplies.


Obtainable now
Ultra Ball, Expert Belt, Big Pearl, Shell Bell, Repeat Ball, Heart Scale
After Gym Surf required
HM02 Fly Water Stone

Points of Interest

  • The Market sells a variety of fresh (and not-so-fresh) produce, ranging from Moomoo Milk, incenses and bitter medicines.
  • A Move Tutor will teach your starter Pokémon a special move if they are of the correct type, Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, or Water Pledge. These attacks can be combined in double or triple battles for special effects.
  • A trainer in this town is requesting a trade, his Basculin for your Mincinno.


Run left and over a small bridge to catch up with Cheren who’s already found the city’s gym leader. This gruff old chap will inform you that Team Plasma are in town, and he needs help routing them out. So much for a warm welcome then.

As usual, head into town and rest your Pokemon in the Pokemon Centre before heading anywhere. Towards the west of town, there's a cheerful, local market, which may warrant a visit.

Head right exactly here to hook yourself a Big Pearl.

Meanwhile, immediately outside the market, a motorcyclist is pacing back and forth; speak to him to initiate a n exhilarating triple or rotation battle, involving 3 Pokemon on both sides. While you're there, hug the market's west-facing wall and, near the middle, you'll find a hidden entrance.

Once you've seen enough of the town, it should be clear that Team Plasma's nowhere to be found. Not counting Route 6 further ahead, there's only one place they could be. So head south and into the construction zone.

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