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Anville Town


A tiny city situated far from the rest of Unova, only accessible via train.


Ultra Ball, Rare Candy

Points of Interest

  • During weekends, traders come to town, ready to exchange items.
  • In the south-east house, a Depot Agent will give you items depending on your number of Battle Subway battles.


Look for the Brown Line to find the train to Anville.

If you don’t pay attention, it’s very easy to miss Anville Town. Although, to be honest, even if you do miss it, you’re not really missing out on much, because there is a surprising little amount to do here.

But for the sake of curiousity, the only way to reach Anville Town is via the Battle Subway –the middle building in Nimbasa City. As soon as you try to enter, an Ace Trainer will come out and chuck a Vs. Recorder your way.

Inside the Battle Subway itself–or Gear Station as it’s also known, head anti-clockwise until you find the Brown Line. If colour identifcation isn’t your strong point, simply inspect the signs next to each train carriage. Unlike the other subway trains, the train to Anville Town is free from battles.

Once you’re there, feel free to wander around, listen about the amazing trains and grab a free item from the south-east house. Having soaked in enough of the atmosphere, it’s probably about time to leave. At which point, return to the train platform and speak to the conductor to book your ticket back to Nimbasa.

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