Before long Team Plasma’s castle will erupt from the ground, fastening itself to the Pokémon League, follow N up the stairs for your final confrontation.

Ns Castle

Ns Castle - HQ of Team Plasma.

After the scene unfolds head to the left and up the stairs to the Second Floor. Run forward, ignoring the first room. A member of the Shadow Triad will appear, welcoming you to the castle.

Head inside the room directly above to meet Anthea and Concordia. Anthea, to the left, will heal your Pokemon , so be sure to speak to her. Back outside, follow the corridor right. Inside the next room, there’s a Max Potion . Continue right to find stairs leading up.

The first room on the Third Floor houses a PC , which you can use to organise your Pokemon. Also check the middle room for a Max Revive .

Inside the left hand room, you can grab a Ultra Ball from a Plasma grunt. If you need to stock up on items then the Plasma grunt standing to the right of the fireplace will teleport you to the Pokémon League where another grunt is able to teleport you back. Very handy if you need to train your Pokemon some more.

On the Fourth Floor there is a Rare Candy in N’s room and a Full Restore is in the middle room. Once you’re ready, get up to the Fifth floor and head into the final room to confront N…

After a long scene you’ll have your chance to catch a Legendary Pokémon all of your own!

Pokemon Encounters: Reshiram/Zekrom

The two signature legendaries for Pokemon Black/White have finally appeared.

You can get this over with by simply resorting to your Master Ball, although that will make snagging your weather god awkward. Otherwise just weaken the beast, try and paralyze it or put it to sleep, throw your balls at it and cross your digits…

If you capture it you’ll have the choice to put it in your party, do so because the next fight is tough going. N will graciously heal you up before the fight so don’t fret about any health lost trying to snag Reshiram/Zekrom.

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma N

This battle pits legendary against legendary and N controls some other powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon Level Type
Zekrom (Black) 52 Dragon/Electric
Reshiram (White) 52 Dragon/Fire
Carracosta 50 Water/Rock
Vanilluxe 50 Ice
Klinklang 50 Steel
Zoroark 50 Dark
Archeops 50 Rock/Flying

Assuming you catch your legendary Pokémon in the event prior to this encounter then the first match up is a legendary on legendary fight to the death, simply use your key attacks and heal using all those potions you purchased, they’re not terribly strong for apparently mythical beasts.

The rest of the party simply requires appropriate action as their types are quite varied. Of note, Archeops hits hard with Acrobats, so a Pokemon strong to Flying moves would do wondrously (Electric or Rock).

Trainer Battle: Team Plasma Ghetsis

Ghetsis also uses powerful Pokemon and so you must use your head and match the appropriate Pokemon to their type weakness if you can.

Pokemon Level Type
Cofagrigus 52 Ghost
Bouffalant 52 Normal
Seismitoad 52 Water/Ground
Hydreigon 54 Dark/Dragon
Bisharp 52 Dark/Steel
Eelektross 52 Electric

As with the previous fight this is a case of reacting to each opponent appropriately and don’t worry, your party will be fully healed before this fight. His strongest Pokemon by far is Hydreigon, so save your quickest and most powerful Pokemon for it.

With Team Plasma dealt with, and N redeemed for his foul teachings, you’ve rescued Unova from a potentially terrible fate. Well done! But there is much, much more yet to be done…


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