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Mistralion City


Prepare to get airbourne. This gym is full of cannons that will hurl you around like a ragdoll, but also plenty of trainers to defeat all armed with Flying types which are easily brought down to earth with a little shock therapy.

Need to Train?

Route 7 is full of Pokémon at a suitable level to train your team as, considering you’re likely training an Electric type, Chargestone Cave is full of hard cases that make training a slog.

Need Help?

Route 7 holds your key to victory if you’re yet to secure an Electric type Pokémon, the "Zebstrika" IconZebstrika that roam the route are perfect to decimate this gym so go grab one and abuse its strength to dominate the gym.

As usual, take a Fresh Water from the guide. Step forward into the cannon here, just walk in from one of the arrows and let the game take care of the rest, then step into the cannon on your left. Now double back and enter it walking right. Land and prepare to take on your first trainer…

Trainer Battle 1

Pokemon Level Type
"Tranquill" IconTranquill 32 Normal/Flying
"Tranquill" IconTranquill 32 Normal/Flying

Head downward, the trainer on your left will be the result of a cannon misfire, or you could fight him now if you want the experience, it’s easy picking for any Electric type.

Trainer Battle 2

Pokemon Level Type
"Ducklett" IconDucklett 32 Water/Flying
"Woobat" IconWoobat 32 Psychic/Flying

Head down and hop in the cannon on your left, fly through some rings, land and head forward to take on…

Trainer Battle 3

Pokemon Level Type
"Ducklett" IconDucklett 32 Water/Flying
"Sigilyph" IconSigilyph 32 Psychic/Flying

This next step is a little tricky. You want to approach this cannon from its south.

Enter this next cannon from below to head the correct way and then use the cannon on your right. Double back to fight…

Trainer Battle 4

Pokemon Level Type
"Unfezant" IconUnfezant 33 Normal/Flying

Now enter the cannon again but from the right to access a new area. Head left and up the ramp to find another battle with…

Trainer Battle 5

Pokemon Level Type
"Swoobat" IconSwoobat 33 Psychic/Flying

Enter the cannon here from above, enter the next from the left, and then enter the cannon above you (ouch). Finally, hop into the cannon on your left. Feeling a little sick? Don’t worry, it’s finally time to take on…

Gym Leader Skyla

Skyla uses a variety of Flying types which can be difficult to fight but Electric types will have a field day against her.

Pokemon Level Type
"Swoobat" IconSwoobat 33 Psychic/Flying
"Unfezant" IconUnfezant 33 Normal/Flying
"Swanna" IconSwanna 35 Water/Flying

Assuming you’ve got a capable Electric type like a clever trainer then this is one of the easiest fights in the game. No fancy hybrid types, no fancy manoeuvres, just absolute weakness to the powers of Thor.

Once you’ve given the leader a shocking greeting you’ll get your sixth badge as well as TM62 Acrobatics . Head back outside, chat with N, heal up, and get ready for the next leg of your journey.

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