Village Bridge


An old, stone bridge where a village has been built on. Cue neverending questions of “is this a village on a bridge or a bridge that’s a village?”.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Golduck Water Tall/Dark grass 25%
Bibarel Normal/Water Tall/Dark grass 25%
Vullaby (B) Dark/Flying Tall/Dark grass 20%
Rufflet (W) Normal/Flying Tall/Dark grass 20%
Mandibuzz (B) Dark/Flying Dark grass 20%
Braviary (W) Normal/Flying Dark grass 20%
Zangoose Normal Tall/Dark grass 15%
Seviper Poison Tall/Dark grass 15%
Audino Normal Shaking grass 90%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking grass 10%
Red Basculin (B) Water Surf/Super Rod 100%, 95% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Blue Basculin (W) Water Surf/Super Rod 100%, 95% (Rippling), 30% (Fishing)
Lapras Water/Ice Surf 5% (Rippling water)
Carvanha Water/Dark Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling water)
Sharpedo Water/Dark Super Rod 10% (Rippling water)


Leftovers, Calcium, Ultra Ball, HP Up, Full Restore, Lum Berry, Dive Ball

Points of Interest

  • Towards the south-east corner, you can work as a Waiter for a sandwich shop.
  • In the east-most house, a girl and her pack of Patrats will let you play a mini-game at Marvelous Bridge.


By now, you’ve nearly visited all of the postgame locations, but you’ve still got a couple of events in your schedule, so use this opportunity to rest your bones and relax. Assuming you came from the eastern gatehouse, head into the first available house, where a girl will kindly heal your Pokemon.

With your Pokemon fighting fit once more, you’re now safe to explore the areas around the bridge itself, to its north and south. Unlike most other towns, you can find a few trainers to battle, plus wild Pokemon in tall grass and in the water surrounding the bridge.

If you have some spare time, you can take a part-time job as a Waiter.

Trainer Battle: Baker

Pokemon Level Type
Combee 64 Bug/Flying
Ursaring 64 Normal

Trainer Battle: Scientist

Pokemon Level Type
Amoonguss 62 Grass/Poison
Ekans 62 Poison
Seviper 62 Poison
Grimer 62 Poison

Trainer Battle: School Kid

Pokemon Level Type
Zubat 60 Poison/Flying
Doduo 60 Normal/Flying
Slugma 60 Fire
Poochyena 60 Dark
Electrike 60 Electric
Nosepass 60 Rock


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