A mist-covered route that connects Black City/White Forest and Undella Town.

Pokemon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Jigglypuff Normal/Fairy Tall/Dark grass 20%
Golduck Water Tall/Dark grass 20%
Shuckle Bug/Rock Tall/Dark grass 5%
Altaria Dragon/Flying Tall/Dark grass 10%
Tropius Grass/Flying Tall/Dark grass 15%
Drifblim Ghost/Flying Tall/Dark grass 10%
Beheeyem Psychic Tall/Dark grass 10%
Mienfoo Fighting Tall grass 10%
Mienshao Fighting Dark grass 10%
Wigglytuff Normal/Fairy Shaking grass 5%
Audino Normal Shaking grass 85%
Emolga Electric/Flying Shaking grass 10%
Yanma Bug/Flying Swarm 40%
Name Type Location Encounter Rate
Buizel Water Surf 30%, 60% (Rippling water)
Red Basculin (B) Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling, Fishing)
Blue Basculin (W) Water Surf/Super Rod 70%, 30% (Rippling, Fishing)
Floatzel Water Surf 10% (Rippling water)
Goldeen Water Super Rod 70%, 60% (Rippling water)
Seaking Water Super Rod 10% (RIppling water)


Max Elixir, Ultra Ball, Reaper Cloth, TM08 Bulk Up


Assuming you came here from Black City/White Forest, you’ll be standing on elevated ground, with stairs leading down to the right. Begin sprinting to the right; a few paces ahead, there’s a female Ace Trainer that you can battle or avoid. Her Pokemon are tough, so you’ll need your A-game.

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Purugly 68 Normal
Espeon 68 Psychic
Lapras 68 Water/Ice

Past her and down the next set of stairs, you can opt to head north into the grass or continue right to the lowest level. Heading north will take you to Abundant Shrine , but you’ll need HM05 Waterfall from Route 18 to ascend and descend the waterfalls.

Its hard to miss the sage if youre heading to the Abundant Shrine.

Along the way to Abundant Shrine, you can find Giallo of the Seven Sages just hanging around. Also be wary of being jumped by two powerful trainers.

Trainer Battle: Hiker

Pokemon Level Type
Hippopotas 63 Ground
Piloswine 63 Ice/Ground
Probopass 63 Rock/Steel

Trainer Battle: Ace Trainer

Pokemon Level Type
Absol 68 Dark
Dodrio 68 Normal/Flying
Walrein 68 Water/Ice

Continuing right meanwhile will lead you towards Undella Town. The road here is fairly linear, so should be plain sailing, but watch out for a couple of tough trainers prowling about.

Trainer Battle: Backpacker

Pokemon Level Type
Numel 65 Fire/Ground

Trainer Battle: Black Belt

Pokemon Level Type
Primeape 64 Fighting
Scrafty 64 Dark/Fighting
Poliwrath 64 Water/Fighting

Trainer Battle: Fisherman

Pokemon Level Type
Barboach 62 Water/Ground
Corphish 62 Water
Whiscash 62 Water/Ground
Carvanha 62 Water/Dark


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