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Nacrene City Gym


Enter and you’ll find a museum, get led around by the curator and you’ll soon find out that the gym is located behind this temple of the ancients, so head on in once you’ve had a gander at the fossils.

Need to Train?

You can either head back to Route 3 or journey into Pinwheel Forest, further west, to find suitable opponents for your party.

Need Help?

Being a gym devoted to Pokémon of the ‘Normal’ type your options are severely limited, fortunately help is at hand.

The nearby Pinwheel Forest has some fighting types fresh for the catch, either a "Timburr" IconTimburr or the version specific "Sawk" IconSawk and "Throh" IconThroh, while the Wellspring Cave we visited before has the solid, defensive ground type known as "Roggenrola" IconRoggenrola just waiting to be acquired.

Enter and you’ll receive another Fresh Water from the welcomer, but it isn’t long before your first fight…

Trainer Battle 1

Pokemon Level Type
"Patrat" IconPatrat 17 Normal

The idea in this room is to read and use the book clues to find a secret sequence and open the path forward. First thing first, hop onto the steps to the left and read the book here. Go around this shelf and read the book on the left hand bookcase on the second row next.

Walk around this bookshelf again and speak to the scientist here, say you’d like to read her book and you’ll get into a Pokémon battle.

Trainer Battle 2

There are numerous books to read which sometimes initiates battles in this gym.

Pokemon Level Type
"Herdier" IconHerdier 17 Normal

Read the book to get the next hint, now run back to the first pair of bookshelves and read the book on the right hand shelf. Speak to the schoolgirl at the bookshelf above you and answer “yes” to fight her.

Trainer Battle 3

Pokemon Level Type
"Lillipup" IconLillipup 15 Normal
"Lillipup" IconLillipup 15 Normal
"Lillipup" IconLillipup 15 Normal

Read the final book and unveil a secret staircase! Head down to meet the gym leader.

Gym Leader Lenora

Lenora uses Normal types, both of which are quite strong but you should have no troubles.

Pokemon Level Type
"Herdier" IconHerdier 18 Normal
"Watchog" IconWatchog 20 Normal

This fight isn’t too hard, it’s more a case of knowing you’ll need a creature capable of tackling a strong Level 20 opponent. That said, a fighting move will make quick work of this team. Beat her to earn the second badge, the basic badge. You’ll also receive TM67 Retaliate .

No time to celebrate though as Team Plasma is butting in to steal your thunder! Head upstairs to confront them. Follow the scene and you’ll soon receive a Dowsing Machine from Bianca, this thing will help you find invisible items. Heal up or head westward out of town to continue your adventure.

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