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Nimbasa City Gym


You’re in a theme park, so naturally the gym is based on Space Mountain.

Electric Pokémon are weak to Ground types, they can’t hurt them you see, and while Grass types are normally recommended as they take less damage than normal, the strong "Emolga" IconEmolga presence in this gym means Grass types will actually have a hard time.

Need to Train?

Either head back to Route 4 where plenty of Pokémon await your attacks, or proceed to Route 5 or Route 16, beyond Nimbasa City, if you desire stronger opponents.

Need Help?

If you didn’t nab one earlier, you can return to Wellspring Cave on Route 3 for a "Drilbur" IconDrilbur or Route 4 for a "Sandile" IconSandile. These Ground-types are both sterling candidates for this gym as they take no damage from Electric attacks. Just be sure to use non-Ground moves against Emolga or you’ll do no damage to the flying squirrel.

Grab a Fresh Water from the guide as usual. Head forward and hop into the car that comes around the track, get off at the first stop and head round to your first fight.

Trainer Battle 1

Pokemon Level Type
"Emolga" IconEmolga 24 Electric/Flying
"Emolga" IconEmolga 24 Electric/Flying

There are no trick switches here, so step on them to your heart’s delight.

Once that’s done hit the nearby button to change the course of the rollercoaster, hop back in where you got out and exit at the first stop. Run left and up to find your next fight.

Trainer Battle 2

Pokemon Level Type
"Blitzle" IconBlitzle 25 Electric

Head up after this scrap and hit the green switch. Try and enter the coaster at the next stop and you’ll be attacked by…

Trainer Battle 3

Pokemon Level Type
"Blitzle" IconBlitzle 24 Electric
"Blitzle" IconBlitzle 24 Electric

Hop in the coaster and enjoy the thrilling drop. Hop out once it gets to the stop and jump on the orange switch. Try and get in the next coaster and you’ll meet your next opponent.

Trainer Battle 4

Pokemon Level Type
"Emolga" IconEmolga 25 Electric/Flying

Once dealt with hop into the coaster and ride the final track to your encounter with…

Gym Leader Elesa

Elesa loves her Electric type Pokemon. Zebstrika in particular is very potent.

Pokemon Level Type
"Emolga" IconEmolga 25 Electric/Flying
"Emolga" IconEmolga 25 Electric/Flying
"Zebstrika" IconZebstrika 27 Electric

This leader can be a pain. Emolga’s Aerial Ace will make mince meat of any Fighting or Grass types you may use, while Volt Switch causes her Pokemon to switch, potentially reducing the effectiveness of your moves.

If you’ve come prepared with a suitable Ground type then this will be a walk in the park, if not then it could be a photo finish. Once you deal the finishing blow you’ll be rewarded with the fourth badge as well as TM72 Volt Switch . Compose yourself, it’s only going to get harder…

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