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To complete the game with a full 100% status, you need to not only complete all story missions, stranger missions, side-jobs and sub-challenges, but also fully unlock 9 specific outfits, finish 5 specific jobs and either visiting every landmark in the game, or, buying the maps from the stores in each area and opening them.

The Breakdown

Act 1 Missions (24%)

Act 2 Missions (17%)

Act 3 Missions (16%)

Act 1 - Frontier - Map (3%)

Act 2 - Mexico - Map (2%)

Act 3 - The North - Map (1%)

Outfits (4.5%)

Bounties (2%)

Gang Hideouts - Excludes PS3 exclusive one (3.5%)

Jobs (2.5%)

Rare Weapons (2.5%)

Mini-Games - Poker etc (3%)

Houses Bought (2%)

Strangers Helped (9%)

Rank 5 Challenges (4%)

Rank 10 Challenges (4%)


Horsebreaking in - Ridgewood Farm and Chuparosa

Nightwatch Jobs in - MacFarlane’s, Chuparosa’s and Blackwater

Find (or Purchase) all Five Rare Weapons

Semi-Automatic Shotgun ( Escalera Gunsmiths ),

Carcano Rifle ( Blackwater Gunsmiths ),

Evans Repeater ( Blackwater Gunsmiths ),

LeMat Revolver ( Escalera Gunsmiths )

and the Mauser Pistol ( Blackwater Gunsmiths ) .

Treasure Hunter

Treasure 1 - Hanging Rock (America)

The first treasure can be found above Cholla Springs, look on the map North-West of the cactus for a series of rocks near a large number of short roads. When you reach the giant rock, look for the gap between the main rock and one nearest the road. In the gap is the first treasure chest containing a gold bar and the next map!

Treasure 2 - Del Lobo Rock (America)

Set your map marker South-East of Fort Mercer (by the river, between the two reindeers. You need to ride to the high part of the mountain where you should come across a campsite and a gap in the rocks ahead. Save here first, then walk down the cliff edge.

Move slowly as it’s very easy to slip off of the cliff and down to the rocks below. The rocks signifying the hidden treasure is half-way down the side of the cliff on your left, so take your time and restart if you fall.

Treasure 3 - Tumbleweed (America)

If you happen to have this map when you meet up with Seth in his final mission, you can collect it from the large house that you both enter (where he finds his ‘treasure’). It’s in the basement of this house in the deserted town of Tumbleweed. Look for the skull on the back wall in the basement, and search the rocks for the gold bar and treasure map No. 4.

Treasure 4 - Rio Del Toro (Mexico)

You can’t reach this treasure until Irish takes you across the river in his ‘boat’. When you land in Mexico, you need to set a path North-West of the town of Chuparosa and look for the 2 sets of broken walls by the river. When you see the tree with the skulls on it opposite, walk in between the gap in the wall and you’ll find the gold bar and next map here.

Treasure 5 - Crooked Toes (Mexico)

From treasure 4’s location, set your waypoint for the green house by the edge of the river, due East. When you reach the house, look left and you should spot a large rock formation nearby that sort-of looks like a toe at the top.

Run over to this and climb the side of it all the way to the top. At the very top you’ll find the next rock pile signifying the hidden treasure chest.

Treasure 6 - Ojo Del Diablo (Mexico)

South of the town of Chuparosa is the drawing of a large rock on the map. Head for this rock and when you get near, you should notice a large stone archway overhanging the road. Make your way underneath this overhang and run up the right-hand side.

Double-back on yourself and surrounded by a small rock arrangement is the box under that familiar pile of stones. Open it for another gold bar and the next treasure map!

Treasure 7 - Roca De Madera (Mexico)

Check your map for the picture of an Armadillo (it’s very close to where you first landed in Mexico). There’s a large rock up here high up, head to it and then look East down the river. There’s a cliff edge on your side overlooking the river.

Run down towards it and stay on the wide part of the cliff (so there’s also a cliff face to your left) and keep heading all the way down to the end, where the rock pile and the next treasure map is waiting for you.

Treasure 8 - Beechers Hope (Great North)

This treasure is located in between your ranch and the picture of the Buffalo’s on the map. There’s a junction in the road (running south), so set your waypoint for here. Look out for a tree that has been split down the middle (probably by lightening) and a stone wall nearby (the box is near this stone wall).

Treasure 9 - Nekoti Rock (Great North)

The ninth and final treasure is located at the top of the Kenoti Rock (North of Tall Trees). Make your way up the side of this mountain until you reach the very top and you should spot a cave on your left. Head inside and the final treasure pile is sitting on the ground on the right-hand side.

Congratulations! You now have an extra trophy/more gamerpoints and you can now carry more items!


The various outfits that you can wear in the game all need to be earned through one means or the next (most of them require many cloth parts to be found/earned before you can get them made at a tailors). The requirement for discovering and then ultimately unlocking them (along with their benefits) are detailed below (note: If you need to find a piece of cloth in an area, keep your eyes peeled for a wooden chest and then open it up):

Rancher: Requirements - Get back to your ranch in Story Mode and complete the mission ‘The Outlaw’s Return’.

Benefits - None.

Duster Coat: Requirements - Reach the rank of ‘Peacemaker’ with your honour level.

Benefits - None at all.

Mexican Poncho: Requirements - Purchase any safe house outright in Mexico.

Benefits - None.

Elegant Suit : Requirements - Purchase it from the tailor in Thieves’ Landing.

Benefit - Allows you to cheat at poker.

Bollard Twins: Requirements - Defeat a Bollard Twin Gang member and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following:

1). Search the office of the warehouse in Thieves’ Landing where you meet Irish’s mate.

2). Finish a single Nightwatch job at MacFarlane’s ranch.

3). Win a Horseshoes match at MacFarlane’s ranch.

4). Capture a Bollard Twins Bounty alive.

5). Protect the folk of Hennigan’s Stead from the Bollard Gang.

6). Buy the suit from the tailor in Thieves’ Landing.

Benefits - Bollard Gang members remain friendly until fired upon.

Treasure Hunters : Requirements - Defeat a Treasure Hunter and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following:

1). Check out Silent Stead for the hidden piece.

2). Finish the ‘California?’ strangers mission.

3). Make a profit playing Blackjack at Rathskeller Fork.

4). Claim a Treasure Hunter Bounty alive.

5). Finish Gaptooth Breach Hideout.

6). Buy it from the tailor at Thieves’ Landing.

Benefits - Treasure Hunters remain friendly until fired upon.

Banditos: Requirements - Defeat a Bandito Gang Member and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following::

1). Check out Sidewinder Gulch.

2). Finish a Nightwatch job in Chuparosa.

3). Beat all players at a game of Liars Dice in Casa Madrugada.

4). Claim a Bandito Bounty without killing him.

5). Protect the residents of Mexico from Bandito attacks.

6). Buy it at the General Store in Chuparosa.

Benefits - Banditos and other outlaws will ignore you in Mexico unless you fire at them.

Reye’s Rebel Outfit: Requirements - Finish ‘An Appointed Time’ and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following:

1). Search the graveyard in Sepulcro.

2). Finish the ‘Poppycock’ Stranger’s mission.

3). Complete a Horsebreaking job in Chuparosa.

4). Finish the ‘Love is the Opiate’ Stranger’s task.

5). Win all three rounds at Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada.

6). Buy it from the General Store in Escalera.

Benefits - When worn, Mexican rebels and the Mexican Army will leave you alone.

Gentleman’s Attire: Requirements- Go online and link up your GamerTag with the Rockstar Social Club (from the main menu). It’ll be available after saving your game at a bed.

Benefits - Provides entry to the exclusive high-stakes poker game in the Blackwater Hotel.

U.S. Marshal: Requirements - Once you’ve completed the mission ‘The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed’, reach and defeat all gang hideouts in the US part of the map within a single 24 hours game time session (so not 24 hours in real time).

Benefits- US Marshals or posses won’t come after you if you commit a crime in the US.

U.S. Army: Requirements - Finish ‘An Appointed Time’ and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following:

1). Search the Aurora Basin.

2). Win an Arm Wrestling match at the Pacific Union Railroad base.

3). Win at a game of poker in Blackwater.

4). Finish the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ strangers mission.

5). Complete all Nightwatch tasks in Blackwater.

6). Finally, purchase it from the tailor in Blackwater.

Benefit - None.

FBI Outfit: Requirements - ‘Simply’ earn a 100% completion rating in the game.

Benefits - Remain beyond the arm of the law as no-one will chase after you if you commit a crime whilst in this outfit!

Legend of the West: Requirements - reach Rank 10 in all Ambient Challenges (Master Hunter, Treasure Hunter, Sharpshooter and Survivalist).

Benefits - Longer lasting Dead Eye bar.

Walton’s Gang (PS3 Exclusive): Requirements - Defeat a Walton’s Gang member and then you need to find six specific scraps of material by doing the following:

1). Check out Solomon’s Folly for the chest holding the cloth.

2). Complete a Horsebreaking job at Ridgewood Farm.

3). Win at a game of Poker in the town of Armadillo.

4). Claim a Walton’s Gang bounty alive.

5). Protect the residents of Cholla Springs from the Walton Gang.

6). Head to the tailor in Thieves’ Landing.

Benefits - Walton’s Gang members won’t attack you unless you attack them first.

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