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Best weapons and loadouts in Sniper Elite 5

Paul McNally

This subject will be extensively argued by all players of Sniper Elite 5 as everybody plays the game differently.

If you are an out and out stealth sniper (which is how we like to play the game) you will be looking to build out a powerful rifle with the best long range scope you can get. You would also benefit from a heavily silenced pistol, as you will be in countless scrapes where you will need to kill at close range.

This is the loadout that did us proud. See what you think.

Our Alpha loadout in Sniper Elite 5 - three heavily modded weapons ready for action.

Throughout all the missions we find ourselves using the pistol more and more, and using the rifle the rest of the time.

Even though we built a quiet SMG it was only used in situations where we were getting overwhelmed and needed to reduce the number of enemies as quickly as possible, or we needed to reload the pistol.

So this is our best weapons and loadout for Sniper Elite 5, and what got us through all the missions with minimal changes on the way, even though we unlocked everything as we went.

Best Rifle in Sniper Elite 5

The K98 is a powerful rifle with a great scope option.

Once we had unlocked it early on, we came to love and trust the Karabiner 98 as our sniper rifle of choice. This German workhorse is hugely powerful and we equipped it with a ZF39 sight, which give us 12x Zoom - the highest in the game outside of the 20x of the binoculars.

A variety of other mods were all interchangeable really, but the addition of bullet loops on the stock and the MG13 Trench Magazine helped us both reload less often and faster when we did need to.

A HUB23 suppressor took the audible range down from around 140m to 72m, which makes a dramatic difference to the range you can use this at without having the enemy come pouring down upon you.

Best SMG in Sniper Elite 5

A heavily modded M1A1 is our go-to sub machine gun of choice.

We did a little modding work on the iconic M1A1 Gov as our sub-machine gun of choice. As mentioned above, it was far from our go-to weapon but when we did need to use it we made sure it was ready for the hottest of action.

The biggest improvement was the addition of the 100RD magazine, giving us a drum that could hold 100 rounds. In reality we really got it down to less than 60 left before the fight was over.

We eventually removed the stock to increase the mobility, but this does lesson the control a little.

Iron sights were be best it got in terms of zoom however,

Best Pistol in Sniper Elite 5

You might not recognise the M1911 here it has been modded so much.

We probably modded our pistol, the M1911 which we adore the most. The addition of the Lightweight 712S stock takes it away from being what you would think of as a pistol, and with the XL Extended Stack magazine holding 18 rounds, turns it into more of a silenced SMG.

The modded M-27 Suppressor took the audible range down to just 19m making it deadly at close quarters with not many in the locale overhearing. Far better than the Welrod and it’s single bullet in the chamber.

Best weapons for PvE and PvP
There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t use this loadout in multiplayer as well. Let us know in the comment what you are taking on your missions.


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