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Sniper Elite 5

How to Unlock All Medals and Ribbons

Scott Peers

This page details all of the Medals and Ribbons that you can earn in Sniper Elite 5. We’ll cover the difference between Medals and Ribbons, how to earn them most efficiently, and we’ll provide tables which list each one of them, including their type and requirement, for your reference while playing.

What Is the Difference Between Medals and Ribbons?

If you’re new to the Sniper Elite series, you might find it a bit confusing when you first see the Collectibles, Medals, and Ribbons in the Service Record menu of the game. The collectibles are fairly easy to obtain from each mission, and you can check our interactive maps for their exact location in each mission. The Medals and Ribbons can take a lot longer to obtain as you play through the game, especially if you’re interested in completing all of them, including the multiplayer ones.

The requirements for Medals and Ribbons sometimes overlap, and the objectives are often similar. Kill x amount of enemies with a specific weapon, in a particular place, or a certain number of times. If a medal requires a certain number of things to be achieved, there are sometimes three types of medals for each requirement: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The medal that you achieve will depend on how well you perform. For example, the Snake in the Grass medal requires you to kill 10 soldiers in Tall Grass, but if you kill 5 you will already have the Bronze medal for this objective.

Once you earn a medal, whether it be Bronze, Silver, or Gold, you’ll have that medal permanently and you won’t need to complete the objectives again. Ribbons work in a similar way, in that you’ll have the ribbon permanently once you obtain it for the first time, but there will also be a brief note beneath the ribbon, telling you how many times you’ve completed the specific objective associated with that ribbon in game, as shown in the screenshot below.

(1 of 3) You can feature specific medals on your Player Card when you hover over them.

The below tables list each Medal and Ribbon that you can obtain in game. You can use this for your reference when you need to remind yourself of specific objectives at a glance while playing. We’ve included some screenshots to clarify the meaning of some requirements, and provided links to our interactive map where relevant. Keep in mind that most of these medals and ribbons share objectives with the official achievements / trophies for the game, which you can find here .

All Medals in Sniper Elite 5


The majority of these General medals can be obtained by playing through the campaign in a casual way. However, some will require specific options to be turned on. To ensure that you have a chance to defeat an invading Sniper Jäger, you should always have the “Allow Axis Invasion” option turned on, which can be found on the campaign screen just before you continue the campaign or select a specific mission. It might be irritating to have people invade your game world when you’re in the middle of something, but it’s the only way to earn this medal. Once you’ve defeated one, you can turn it off. To invade another player’s world as Sniper Jäger, you can select the Axis Invasion game mode and search for a game to invade.

For the Strategist medal, which requires you to “make a tank destroy another enemy vehicle”, you’ll find an excellent opportunity to do this on the Secret Weapons (Mission 7) map. All you need to do is get the attention of a tank, then run behind an enemy vehicle and stay there as the tank fires at you. It will eventually inflict enough damage to cause the vehicle to explode. You may die in the process, but the medal will be unlocked. You should have the Back in the Fight skill at this point, which will allow you to revive if you go down once the vehicle is destroyed.

In terms of the collectible & unlockable medals, you can check our interactive maps here to see where each collectible can be found, including the Stone Eagle Deadeye targets.


These Mission-based medals are a bit more specific than the others. Although some are self-explanatory, and can be achieved by playing casually through the campaign, others require specific actions to complete in terms of destroying specific vehicles, killing particular targets at specific distances, or shooting a number of hidden items such as cardboard pigeons or gnomes. All of the Cardboard Pigeons can be found on the Spy Academy map, while the Gnomes can be found on the Festung Guernsey map.

You should aim to complete all optional objectives on each campaign map to ensure that you unlock each medal associated with them. All optional objectives will be shown on the map with a blue icon. To obtain a 3 star rating on each mission, you’ll need to complete all of the optional objectives, kill the Kill List Targets associated with that mission, and complete the main mission objectives. For the Saboteur medal you’ll need to be extremely sneaky, and it’s important that you take your time here to avoid having to start over from the beginning.

For It’ll Buff Right Out, you’ll find Möller’s shiny new car in the courtyard of the mansion, as shown in the screenshot below. The train for Locomotion Commotion can be destroyed by shooting the crane operator in the crane above (also shown in the screenshot below). For Road Rage, the best way to ensure that you complete this one is to destroy every vehicle that you can find on the map. The armoured vehicle in Martressac (War Factory) usually patrols around the roads on the southern part of the map, and you can destroy it with a Panzerfaust, a satchel charge, or by shooting the fuel tank on the front. The easiest method is to creep up behind it and place a satchel charge.

For the Show Off medal, you can find the position where you need to be on the Spy Academy map to see each practice target in the screenshot below. All the other medals here speak for themselves, and require a bit of grinding through the campaign maps.

(1 of 6) You’ll find Möller’s car in the courtyard of the mansion on the Occupied Residence map.

Weapons and Items

The main purpose of all of the Weapons and Items medals is to force you to use all the different types of weapons in the game. You’ll find most of these as you wander through the different maps, but you can also unlock many of them by completing the Kill Challenges for each mission. Once you’ve done this you’ll have easy access to most weapons from the Loadout and Customization menu. If you want to switch to Iron Sights when wielding a gun, just press the C-Key key.


Medal Type Requirement
Survivor: Pest Control Survival Earn a score of 40,000 in the Pest Control survival mission
Survivor: Prime Real Estate Survival Earn a score of 40,000 in the Prime Real Estate survival mission
Champion of Survival Survival Unlock and complete all Operations on a mission
Shoot for the Moon Survival Complete at least 1 survival mission
Turning the Tide Survival Complete 30 waves in a survival mission
Survivor: Unwanted Guests Survival Earn a score of 50,000 in the Unwanted Guests survival mission

Most of these few survival medals are easy enough to earn, but you will need to dedicate some time to the Survival game mode to complete them. You can play this game mode on your own, in co-op, or with other people online.


The multiplayer medals can be a bit more difficult to obtain than the others, mostly due to the time investment involved, but also due to the fact that you’re counting on other people to behave in certain ways to facilitate the conditions required to obtain a specific medal. You can scuff many of these medals by just playing with a friend, but there’s definitely a decent challenge involved in acquiring them all by more… authentic methods. There’s a lot of grind involved, but if you’re willing to put the time in and you really want these medals, you’ll get there eventually.

All Ribbons in Sniper Elite 5

Campaign / Survival

All of these Ribbon objectives are similar to some of the medal objectives, especially the general, combat, and multiplayer ones. Ultimately, you just need to approach each map with them in mind and look for the specific weapons required to fulfil the objectives. You can make many of these much easier by playing with a friend, but they’re certainly doable alone as well. Most of them involve the basic dynamics of the game such as shooting from specific distances with particular weapons, but you’ll also need to use weapons and items that you might not have bothered with previously, such as traps and explosives, schu-mines, Panzerfaust, and even non-lethal ammo.


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