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Sniper Elite 5

Classified Documents

Paul McNally

Unlike the majority of other collectibles in Mission 10 which can be found in or around the Berghof, the Classified Documents are spread a little more liberally around the map.

If you start the mission from the Mountain Overlook you can pick off four of them before you get anywhere close to the Fuhrer or his guards, or you can always come back from the later once things have settled down if you prefer.

Where to Find all Classified Documents in Mission 10: Wolf Mountain

From The Mountain Overlook starting location we are going to sweep east first before coming back along the road towards the tunnel which leads to the main part of the map. Let’s get going.

Classified Document 1 - Communications Operations

Kill the Jagers in the watch town and then find the document up there.

This first document is the most southerly we will find on our trip. Unusually it is found at the top of a watch tower containing a pair of Jagers that need to be finished off. The tower overlooks the area near a Resistance cache of weapons, so it is well worth being one of the first places you visit when you start off.

Classified Document 2 - Additional Flak Positions

There are some other goodies in here but we are here for the Classified Document.

Almost directly to the north of Document 1, and within site you will see the communications station. Here you are looking for the room with the radio equipment that you can destroy with the crowbar. There is also a satchel charge in here that is worth picking up for later activities.

Classified Document 3 - Missing Inventory

Locate the tents in the clearing and then check the top of the crate for the document.

For the third Classified Document we need to follow the road around to the East. As we reach the apex of the bend there is a small guard settlement where you will see a tent. This third document is on top of the crate outside the this tent. Easy.

Classified Document 4 - Routine Reminder

Access the safe by either looting a key from a guard or using a trusty old satchel charge.

The fourth Classified Document of the mission is located in the safe in the hut next to the tunnel. This area is crawling with guards, one of which will have the code to get you into the safe, or you can use the satchel charge you picked up earlier. This is likely to bring a lot of enemies down on you so make sure you disable the alarm before you make anything go boom.

Classified Document 5 - Guest of the Fuhrer

The Nazi’s sure don’t look after their classified documents in Sniper Elite 5.

Make your way upstairs and make your way along the room. In one of the smaller side-rooms you will locate this document, on a table directly under a Nazi Portrait.

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