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Sniper Elite 5


Paul McNally

As you run around scavenging loot from bodies and searching locations, you will come across various types of ammo for all of your weapons - ie, rifle ammo, pistol ammo and SMG ammo.

Besides ‘Standard’ ammo which is in plentiful supply you will also have happened across several types of Special Ammo, which is always useful in certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at the different types of ammo in Sniper Elite 5 and see where best to use it.

What are the different kinds of ammo in Sniper Elite 5?

Each ammo type is good at a particular job, so get used to them all.

While you can collect ammo of different varieties, you can also unlock extra skills to allow you to add more kinds to your starting loadout and you can read more about that in the Skill Point section.

It’s not always obvious in the heat of battle whether you should switch up your ammo or not, so let’s look at what you will find on your travels.

Armour Piercing

Armour piercing ammo is perhaps the most obvious as to what it is by it’s name alone, and as you start out life in Sniper Elite 5, it soon becomes obvious where you can use it effectively.

Armour piercing round can be used to take out vehicles, and if you want to hit the weak spot of tanks and armoured cars you are going to need to be carrying some.

AP rounds penetrate metal and rock so have multiple uses. An essential in your ammo bag.

Match Grade

Match grade ammo is a seriously specialist bit of kit. These rounds are perfect for snipers who like to hit targets far in the distance.


These rubber-tipped bullets are non-lethal and perfect for knocking enemies unconscious. Even though they have greater bullet drop than other types, they are also quieter so perfect for that stealth hit.

Soft Point

Soft Point rounds are extremely powerful against unarmoured infantry. It won;t penetrate a helmet, but if you hit them elsewhere it is likely to cause catastrophic damage. With a much longer range and vastly reduced bullet-drop, Match Grade is the go to ammo of choice if you like to kill without your target ever knowing they were in the firing line.


If, like us, you are fond of stealth kills, it is worth equipping your pistol, and even other weapons with subsonic ammo. These travel at a much slower speed as the name suggests, thus generating less air movement, and therefore sound.

If the pros are stealth, the cons are that because they travel slower they cause less damage when they eventually arrive at the target, and also because they spend longer in the air, the bullet drop is increased.

WHat’s the best ammo in Sniper Elite 5?

Unlocking extra skills allows you to add different types of special ammo to your loadouts.

Each ammo type has its advantages and disadvantages, but being able to select the correct one for the correct job, will make your time in Sniper Elite 5 much easier.

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Sniper Elite 5 is a 3rd person tactical shooter stealth video game developed & published by Rebellion Developments. It is the sequel to Sniper Elite 4 and was released on 26 May 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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