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Paul McNally

There are three workbenches scattered throughout The Atlantic Wall map. You will have to work hard to get access to two of them as they are heavily guarded. The first workbench you will come across early on is easy to find to show you the mechanics.

Where to find the workbenches in Mission 1: The Atlantic Wall

It’s worth noting that workbenches have specialties, i.e. you can only upgrade certain types of weapon at certain types of workbench, so it is definitely worth locating them all before leaving a map to make sure your guns are up to scratch.

Let’s locate the workbenches then.

Workbench 1 - Rifles

This Workbench is pretty much at the start of the level and can be used to upgrade your rifle.

Early on you will be given a mission to “Find Vantage Point”, Inside there is a room that can only be accessed if you pick the lock or cut off the padlock with a boltcutter.Once in the room, look for the Nazi flag and that’s where you will find it.

As a general tip as rooms tend to have a lot of items within that you cannot interactive with, the devs have left a telling clue to make workbenches easy to spot in that they will always have a flag hanging above them on the wall, as you can see in our screenshots.

Workbench 2 - Pistols

Located in the armoury, you will first have to gain access to this locked area.

You may not think of the pistol as the most useful weapon in your collection, but if you are looking to play the deadly stealth game, a well-silenced side-arm can be the difference between progressing or reading the alarm and all hell breaking loose.

The workbench for pistols is located in the armoury in the north west corner of the map, close to the massive gun that destroyed the submarine. To the right of the shed where the shells are kept there is a building that is locked. You have the option of blowing a door with a Satchel charge here (noisy!) or if you can locate the Nazi officer and kill him silently without alerting anybody else, you will find he is carrying the key. Realistically though you will get into a firefight around here as it is packed full of bad guys, so maybe just clear it out first and stock up on weapons and upgrades afterwards.

Workbench 3 - SMGs

Marcel might have met a sorry end, but his workbench is still there to upgrade your SMGs.

The second workbench you will come across is one where you can do some work on your sub machine guns or SMGs. and comes pretty much at the end of the mission. There will be no reason to visit this location any earlier.

Towards the end of the level you need to find Marcel of the Resistance. He lives in the really yellow house that Charlie explains earlier is difficult to miss. However, the workbench (and indeed poor old now dead Marcel is hiding in the attic, which you can’t access from within the house. You will need to shimmy up the vines outside to get to the top floor.

Here you will find a stash of ammo as well as the workbench, you night notice that this one has a French Resistance flag, rather than an Nazi flag hanging over it.


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