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Sniper Elite 5

Adolf Hitler

Paul McNally

Sniper Elite 5’s extra DLC mission Wolf Mountain lures you in with the enticing prospect of potentially ending the war early by adding Adolf Hitler to your kill list, But is it really that simple to off the Fuhrer in his own Austrian holiday home?

How to kill Adolf Hitler

Kill Adolf Hitler could end the war early - but is it the real Hitler?

It’s a strange one. The mission propels you to various locations where Hitler will spend part of his day. There’s a safe you can crack with his schedule in it and a variety of relatively comedic ways you can kill him.

Initially though, we found the level to be absolutely riddled with bugs and ended up as the only way of killing him by just shooting him as he was just running on the spot in a room trying to get away but had somehow got stuck. We had to replay the level to do any of the fun stuff.

So yes, you can just find him, blast right in and shoot him and the guards simple, but the environment (when it works) offers a variety of different ways to complete the assasination.

(1 of 3) A bomb in Hitler’s reading material.

Booby trap his book

When you locate the library you can boody trap Hitler’s readin material, then when he makes his way there. Bang. No more Fuhrer.

Kill Hitler with a Rat Bomb

The Rat Bomb from the earlier mission makes a return here and can be planted in one of the rooms to eradicate the Fuhrer and kill two massive pests in one fell swoop

Booby trap Hitler’s food

Planting a grenade into the cake hiding under the cloche in the DIning Room makes a satisfying squelch and when it goes off, will definitely leave crumbs.

Booby trap the bowling alley

You can plant a mine behind the bowling pins to give Hitler more than he bargained for when he gets a STRIKE! (spolier, the death is not what you would expect and is slightly ridiculous)

It can be fiddly to get into the right spot but you can leave a mine here.

There are other locations where Hitler heads too throughout the day, including by the lake where he prefers to be left alone. The guards are so stupid though that even killing the leader of the Third Reich will generally only elicit the same confused response. It’s a shame, but at least Hitler’s dead.

There is an element of replayability though as the game encourages you to go back and kill Hitler in different ways - for example, killing him five times gives you an Achievement. So don’t worry about which method to pick. There are ample opportunities.

The Nazis are not going to be happy with you after this.

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