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No Cross mode Hints and Tips

Paul McNally

One of the many different multiplayer options that Sniper Elite 5 gives you is No Cross Mode and if you are here for the sniping and not the squad-based running around, this might well be where you gravitate to. Which is great, because it is a lot of fun.

What is No Cross Mode in Sniper Elite 5

(1 of 4) Large maps with plenty of cover are the order of the day in No Cross Mode.

No Cross Mode places an invisible barrier between two teams that keeps the fighting at long range. So you get to do your best sniping, while being sniped at!

The maps provide lots of many-made and natural cover, as well as a large number of places to snipe from, and scan the horizon for targets. The problem? The other team are hunting you too. Stick your head out for two long, and it’s going to have a hole in it.

Each No Cross game lasts for 20 minutes - two halves of 10 minutes each and you swap sides of the barrier at half time. The game can also be won by a team reaching 50 kills, or whoever is in the lead if that doesn’t happen at full time.

This mode is the best one for the feeling of war as you are forced to scurry between cover, and even leaving a toenail poking out is likely to end with you dead.

Best tips for No Cross Mode

(1 of 3) Each map has several starting locations, some of which are more exposed than others.

Use Cover

Only break cover when you have to, but also camping will get you killed as well. It’s a matter of time before somebody finds you. If you take a shot at somebody, get moving, because somebody will have spotted where that shot came from and be looking to tag you or worse.

Use binoculars

Use your binoculars to look for targets. Using your scope sights causes a giveaway glint giving away your position. You will see this from the enemy who don’t use the binoculars or are preparing to take a shot - possibly at you.

There is no scope glint from bins so you will stay safer longer.

Avoid obvious sniping spots

If you find a point you think might be great for a sniper, you can rest assured somebody on the other team thinks that and may be looking for tell-tale signs of movement. Try to think a bit more laterally.

Tag enemies with your binoculars

There is a lot to be said for being a team member who just tags enemies and doesn’t ever shoot them, leaving the shots to people who are perhaps better. By spotting an enemy with your binoculars and hovering over them it will tag them for your teammates for a short while and somebody else, who might be better placed, can take them out.

You also still get points for Assists, and indeed, some of the ribbons and achievements are only gained if you play the tagging role and never fire a shot.


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