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Sniper Elite 5

Christian Jungers

Paul McNally

Mission 7 - Secret Weapons in Sniper Elite 5 gives us a Kill List target of Nazi scientist, Christian Jungers. Jungers in an infamous V2 rocket engineer and he’s at the secret weapons base here and clearly up to no good.

The SoE would like him wiped out, and it’s down to you to make sure that happens.

How to kill Christian Jungers

(1 of 2) Thats Jungers with the bald head. Get ready to follow into into the facility.

Thats Jungers with the bald head. Get ready to follow into into the facility. (left), Wait until his is under the rocket, then shoot one of the hooks holding it up. A sticky end for our Nazi friend. (right)

V2 rocket engineer Jungers is next up, and the Kill Challenge here that will reward with with unlocking the RSC 1918 rifle is to kill him with one of his own V2 rockets. SOunds simple enough, let’s get on with it.

The first part of the Kill LIst target sees you heading to the train yard for the kill, but you won’t find Jungers here. What you will find however, locked in an office is his itinerary, that places him in the V2 test site so make your way there.

It is really difficult to get through either of the facility gates because they are just too heavily armed, but if you pass along close to the fence, about half way between the two points, Karl will comment that the fence is damaged and you might be able to get in here.

Use your bolt cutters to make the hole a bit more Karl-sized and make your way up the path.

From a short distance away you will spot a jeep, a soldier and Jungers and a colleague having a discussion. Soon afterwards Jungers will head inside.

Kill the soldier silently from long range if you can and follow Jungers quickly into the facility using the corridor to the right.

You have to be quick here if you want to complete the Kill Challenge as the opportunity comes right at the start of the set-piece. Make your way up the metal stairs, crouching as you go and as you get to the top look around until you see the guard watching over the rail. Creep up to him and melee kill him so nobody knows you are there.

You will be able to hear and see Junger in the test room below and after a few seconds they will conveniently walk to the centre of the room, directly under the V2 prototype rocket that is suspended in the wind tunnel.

There are two choices here, we took the first for a better view and that is, when they stop under the rocket, shoot one of the hooks holding the rocket and it will snap down killing the pair below.

If you don’t fancy your aim you can quickly make your way around to the middle gantry where there is a release button that will do the same thing. Either way, that Jungers dead and now you will have a bit of a fight on your hands.

Game over Christian. We will have our new weapon unlocked thank you very much.


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