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Sniper Elite 5

Stone Eagles

Paul McNally

The difficulty is definitely ramping up here now and at least two, maybe even three depending how observant you are, are among the hardest to find so far. The third Stone Eagle is pretty much, we would say, unfindable without somebody kind pointing you in the right direction. You are welcome.

Where to find the Stone Eagles in Mission 7: Secret Weapons

The locations of all the Stone Eagles in Sniper Elite 5’s seventh mission.

Even when you know where to look here might spend a little time actually spotting the Stone Eagles. Two of them are really well hidden, and the other isn’t exactly simple to spot either. Seems that the hiding game has been ramped up by the devs. Well, you still can’t beat us Mr Programmer!

Stone Eagle 1

(1 of 2) Shimmy up the vines to see where this Stone Eagle is hiding.

Shimmy up the vines to see where this Stone Eagle is hiding. (left), You need to approach the tower and look at the right hand side to spot it. (right)

If we start off at the south of the map it makes sense to head to the castle in the south western corner first. This will open up some secondary missions, but for now, with this, all we are interested in is the Stone Eagle.

This Eagle is tucked away on the castle tower, but to see it you have to shimmy up the vines and head around to the right hand side in order to get a tag on it. From there on, it’s a simple shot and that is Stone Eagle number 1 chalked off.

Stone Eagle 2

(1 of 2) Hiding up there in this rocky outcrop is the first Stone Eagle.

Hiding up there in this rocky outcrop is the first Stone Eagle. (left), It can be tricky to spot but you can see it from the road below. (right)

The second Stone Eagle, while easy enough to get to can be a pain to spot as it is hidden well and truly on a ledge in the rocks. IF the Nazi’s want to use their Stone Eagle symbol as one of power, it woul dbe better if they placed them where people could see them.

Head to the Abandoned house at the west of the map - basically follow the train tracks to that end of the map, clear out any soldiers and head to the rocky outcrop beyond. Even though you know the Stone Eagle is there there is every chance you will not spot it immediately. You can actually get a better bead on it from the Abandoned house, but if you move to the correct side of the rocky outcrop and look from the road, then scan everything with your binoculars, hopefully you will see it. If you can’t, move along a bit and try again. It is definitely there.

If you can spot the vines you can use them as a guide as it is in the same vicinity.

Stone Eagle 3

(1 of 2) This Stone Eagle is ridiculously difficult to spot.

This Stone Eagle is ridiculously difficult to spot. (left), Tucked into the side the damn, the chances of you finding this without help are slim. (right)

This Stone Eagle you would probably spend your life trying to find and never manage it. It is rather ridiculously placed and you have to get to one of the map’s extremities and then look somewhere you would never think to look, from a specific angle. Fortunately you have Gamer Guides to help you chalk it off.

Make your way to the gatehouse next to where all the V2 rockets are lined up on trucks.

Move along past them to the AA battery as north as you can go. Move around half way up the wall and turn to face the dam where you can see the water gushing through the holes on the wall. Look out to the furthest hole and count three holes back. Whip out your binoculars and scan inside the hole, it can be quite tricky to see with the water pouring past, but it is hiding in that hole. Take careful aim and take the shot. That’s all three.

Hopefully they will be easier to find in MIssion 8 - we have our doubts though!

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