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Shinji Yoshikawa

Paul McNally

There were indications earlier in the game that Nazi Moller was in cahoots with Operation Kraken and the Japanese Navy. This all now comes to a head as your Kill List target is the merciless Japanese submarine command from the Pacific theatre, Shinji Yoshakawa.

But what is he doing in Occupied France? Shall we ask him, or just kill him. Guess what

How to kill Shinji Yoshikawa

(1 of 3) You can blow the door with a satchel or use a key if you have located it.

You might be a bit confused at the start of the mission because you will notice that the Kill List Challenge to unlock the Type 14 Nambu pistol is to kill Shinji with a Japanese weapon - either the Type 100, or the Type 14 Nambu - er, but we haven’t unlocked those, so it instantly says Challenge Failed.

We put that to the back of our minds, intent on killing him anyway so we worked our way to the Town Hall building where he is holed up.

The Town Hall is a bit of a mission to get to, it is quite heavily guarded, outside at least and there is a 222 Armoured Car patrolling the area making a nuisance of itself while you are trying to infiltrate.

On the approach to the Town Hall, have a quick scout around the building on the left and you will eventually find your way to an upstairs room in one of the ruins with a locked crate that you can use your bolt cutters on.

Inside said crate is a Panzerfaust and the window that looks down on the Square has a great bead on the 222. Hit it with the Panzerfaust and it will explode and probably take one of the other vehicles with it in an almighty kaboom.

Now, as long as you have already cleared all the other guards, which you should have done comfortably at this late stage of the game, your path to Yoshikawa is more or less clear.

Head for the Hall

Stealth into the Town Hall in case you have left any guards still alive and make your way upstairs, there is nothing really worth having in the downstairs. You will see a door you can blow with a satchel charge, but if you have killed and searched all the guards on the approach you should have found a key to this room. Unlock it and crouch down.

Shinji is directly ahead of you and you either have a great shot now, or - what’s that sitting on the crate half way between you and the target - it’s a Type 14 Nambu pistol. Grab it quickly and empty it into Shinji Yoshikawa to not only complete your Kill, but the Kill List Challenge at the same time.

It’s worth noting he has a guard in the room with him and there might still be a sniper in the corner of the room if you didn’t take him out on the way in.

Shinji bites a bullet from his own weapon to complete the Kill Challenge.


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