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Stone Eagles

Paul McNally

The final batch of Stone Eagles in Sniper Elite 5, and once again there are a couple of really tricky ones. If you have been playing along and managed to nail all the Eagles in all the missions so far, hitting the third one here will unlock you an achievement on your platform of choice.

Where to find the Stone Eagles in Mission 8: Rubble and Ruins

The locations of the three Stone Eagles on Mission 8: Rubble & Ruin.

The Rubble and Ruins mission does a great job of showing just how destroyed some of the towns and cities in Europe actually were after close to five years of bombing by both Axis and Allies. There is pretty much nothing left.

Air raid sirens wail, searchlights sweep the sky looking for more bombers but don’t get too destracted, we have three stone birds to kill.

Warning. On this level you MUST complete all your objectives and finds before entering the sewers, once you enter the sewers there is no coming back to this bit, so don’t get caught out.

Stone Eagle 1

(1 of 2) When you look through the correct window you will see the Eagle in the distance.

When you look through the correct window you will see the Eagle in the distance. (left), Even though it is a little murky, you should still be able to get a decent shot off. (right)

You can do these in any order but this is the one we think is closest to the start. Once you are in the correct location is it easy to spot, but traversing the bombed out map is a bit of a pain as many of the routes you would like to take simply aren’t available and are blocked off.

You need to head to the area to secure the optional starting location, as highlighted on the map above.

Once in the building, find the communication room with the weapons cache and look through the right hand window with your binoculars to the building at the far end of the beach and you will tag the eagle sitting there on the roof.

Stone Eagle 2

Far in the distance, beyond the Mission Boundary stands the Stone Eagle.

The next Stone Eagle is quite tricky to spot and you have to be wary yomping to the location as you will encounter enemy armour en route. Stick to the Eastern side of the map as far as you can and head towards the Mission Boundary in the North Eastern corner. You will find a checkpoint and two watchtowers next to each other.

Use your binoculars to scan the skyline to the right hand side of the second tower and you will see what looks like a refinery in the distance. Just to the left of the tanks you should be able to spot, and therefore shoot, the Stone Eagle.

Stone Eagle 3

(1 of 2) The final Stone Eagle, and possibly the easiest to find in the whole game.

The final Stone Eagle, and possibly the easiest to find in the whole game. (left), Enjoy this shot and claim your achievement. Well done. (right)

It is fitting that one of the easiest Eagles to find is the last one. As you make your way to the town hall to complete your kill challenge if you look at the front of the Town Hall, directly over the middle window, look, there it is. In plain sight. There’s a pleasant novelty.


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