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Paul McNally

Once again we have three workbenches to find and once again, they are in areas that are heavily guarded. In fact, to get to the third workbench without encountering withering fire will take a lot of stealth, but we will look at that in a minute.

Where to find the workbenches in Mission 2: Occupied Residence

The three workbenches all lie inside the grounds of the old French castle.

All three workbenches lie in the grounds of the chateau - there are no easy starts like there were in the last mission. We will start with what we think is the easiest first on this mission, so let’s get going.

Workbench 1 - SMG workbench

The SMG workbench is in a ruined Resistance safe house.

Once you are in the chateau grounds - over the bridge having cleared all of that you can locate a Resistance safehouse in the northwestern corner of the grounds. You can’t access it from the ground, you will need to skirt around the outside of the ruin and shimmy up the vines to get access to it. You will also find a decent ammo stash here.

Workbench 2 – Pistol workbench

You will need a satchel charge or a key to get to the pistol workbench.

Things start to get tricky now as this one is pretty heavily guarded, and if you find yourself getting a little too close to the the chateau as your traverse across the map there is a deadly sniper in one of the towers - you will need to kill him at some point, so you might even want to sidetrack here to take him out so he doesn’t cause you issues. Getting hit causes you to bleed so you will need bandages or a medi-kit to take care of that.

Anyway, we digress. Head to the eastern side of the map. There are plenty of guards around here, including one in the tower that will attack from above. The workbench is behind a locked door which you can either blow with a satchel charge, or killing an officer and searching up will give up the armoury key. There are some good weapon upgrades in here, not only for your SMG but also in terms of weapons lying around.

Workbench 3 - Rifle

Workbench 3 is in the chateau itself so you may have to fight your way in there.

Now this workbench is in the hornet’s nest itself. Well underneath it at least. Skirt around the side of the chateau until you find the moat and you can drop down to the bottom there. Karl will take a lot of damage from the fall, be warned. Patch up and head through the open door. Karl will comment about the workbench being useful but before you mod your rifle, check out some of the goodies in here. There is ammo, explosives and bandages aplenty, so grab all you can carry.


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