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Sniper Elite 5

All Gnome Locations

Paul McNally

Festung Guernsey in Sniper Elite is one of our favourite maps. There are not a lot of locations to get lost in, but you get a feel for the island and how the Nazis turned it into one of their key staging posts for an attack on the UK.

In Sniper Elite 5 it also has an unusual sub-mission to unlock a medal for an achievement. Gnomes.

Yes gnomes, beloved of the British, the humble garden gnome is running amok and you need to shoot 10 of them in order to unlock The Gnome Guard medal within the game and they are well and truly hidden around the map.

All gnome locations in Sniper Elite Mission 5

There are 10 gnomes located around map and you need to really hunt for some of them. If you are struggling to find any we have all 10 locations right here for you.

Gnome 1

Found close to the beginning of the map.

As you begin the mission there is a small path to a watch point on the left. There is a table there with some bottles and a Gnome. Shoot it to begin your trophy hunt.

Gnome 2

Located next to the workbench.

This Gnome is located to the right of the workbench in the crate in the church tower.

Gnome 3

He is not going to enjoy that drink for much longer.

The third Gnome is located on the eastern side of the map and is in the same place as the starting location you need to unlock.

Climb the vines of the cottage to unlock the starting area and have a look around. This little chap is sitting on the window ledge.

Gnome 4

Hiding next to this corrugated shed.

Moving more centrally in the map in the gardens you need to Look for the shed made out of corrugated iron, the gnome is sat on the table next to it.

Gnome 5

Look, a little extra target between the targets.

Locate the target range and you will spot the gnome on the wall between the two leftmost targets.

Gnome 6

You can find this one at the site of the workbench

You can see this little chap outside from outside the cottage, on the window ledge where you find the workbench.

Gnome 7

Caught you! Easy to miss this one.

In the Underground Hospital, this is probably the trickiest Gnome to find. He is hiding in the toilet and can easily be missed.

Gnome 8

This Gnome is in the trenches.

When you get to the location where the Tiger Tank is you will find this Gnome in the shed behind it on the shelf. Look up to the top of the storage rack.

Gnome 9

As you move around the trenches you will find the gnome on a table.

Located on a table in the trenches.

Gnome 10

Enjoying the view.

The final Gnome is in the starting location you can unlock. Unlock the starting location and find this guy on the window ledge upstairs. You need to climb up the vines to access the top floor.

Congratualtions, yuo should now have shot all 10 gnomes in Festung Guernsey and completed the Gnome Guard achievment medal.

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