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The Last of Us Part II

Hostile Territory

Shane Williams
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Travel to the Aquarium

Follow Manny down to the apartment, then go into the Bathroom for some Supplements and the Kitchen for some Scrap, now continue going down and wait for Manny to lift you over the fence.

Here you’ll want to go into the Dumpling Store straight ahead for some Scrap, then take a left and head towards Tang Fabrics & Imports. Before proceeding through, jump through the window on the left to find two Artefacts 84/117. Now go through the shop and climb out through the hole, then use the van ahead to gain access to the building.

(1 of 2) Go through the window to the left of Tang Fabrics & Imports to find this Artefact

Go through the window to the left of Tang Fabrics & Imports to find this Artefact (left), then climb up to a window via a van and open the drawer ahead to find this Coin. (right)

Once you’re inside, open the drawer ahead to find a Coin 13/32, then slip through the gap in the wall. Take out the enemy and grab the Supplements from the bathroom before jumping across. Head right first for some more Supplements in the guard post, then crawl through the gap and drop down.

Go into the building on the left first for some Supplements, then go into the building on the right and slide through the gap. Take down the enemies whilst the vehicles pass, then collect the Scrap from the bar before climbing over the wall ahead.

Head into the Jasmin Bakery and put 68-96-89 into the safe to acquire some Supplements and Ammo, then go into the next shop (Pharmacy) to acquire a few more Supplements. Exit this store and enter the Ruby Dragon, here you’ll want to grab the Scrap from behind the counter, then go upstairs.

(1 of 3) Jump across to the other building via the Ruby Dragon, then go upstairs to find this Artefact by a body

Take out the enemies and jump across the gap to the opposite building, then head upstairs to find an Artefact 85/117 on a body, now go downstairs and go into the room ahead to find another Artefact 86/117 on the box and a Strange Relic 87/117 on the table in the next room.

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Relic of the Sages

Find the Strange Artifact

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Drop down the hole and go over to the counter after killing the enemy to find the Double Barrel Shotgun, then go into the small room at the back to find some Scrap and Ammo, now progress to the next area and you’ll see a truck.

Go inside to find an Artefact 88/117, then look around the outside of the truck to find five more Artefacts. Now head into the store on the right to find another Artefact 89/117 on the counter and a Short Gun Holster on the table in the next room.

(1 of 2) Go into the back of the Truck to find this Artefact

Go into the back of the Truck to find this Artefact (left), then enter the store on the right and grab the Short Gun Holster from the back room. (right)

Now climb up and jump across the gate, then crawl through the grass and take down the Scars that are roaming the area. Once you’re done, head up to the top floor and then crawl through the broken roof to reach another section of the building. Here you’ll be able to find an Artefact 90/117 on the table and a workbench to the left.

Finally, slide down the hill and work your way down the next building whilst sneaking past the scars. Once you’ve made it down, slide down another muddy slope and you’ll enter a short scene.

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