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The Last of Us Part II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 23-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-08-2020 / 06:12 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-08-2020 / 18:20 GMT

Trading Cards Artefacts
4 3

Look for Dina and Jesse

Once you're up and running, head back towards the the main room of the theatre, but before going through the red curtain, look to your left to find a Trading Card 41/48 sitting a piece of equipment.

Follow Jesse

After the cutscene, follow Jesse until you reach the WDL building, then continue onwards to find an open door with a cabinet blocking the way. Crawl under to find a Workbench and a Trading Card 42/48, then press onwards to the next area.

Grab the Trading Card from the equipment before going past the curtainthen crawl into room with a cabinet blocking the door for another Trading Card.

Quickly take out the enemies by crawling through the grass, then head into the building on the right to find some Supplements. Follow the path ahead and climb through the window via the van in the building on the left, and then continue along until you find an area where you'll have to swim again.

Explore the Garage

Here you'll want to head into the garage on the left and take out the enemies, then go to the back of the area to find an Artefact 72/117. Exit the garage and drop back into the water, then climb up to the area on the right and head into the building via Jesse's assistance.

Head into the garage to the left of the water and you'll find an Artefact insidethen go into the bookstore to find an Artefact in the Children's book corner   and a Trading Card under the fallen path.

Drop down to the gate to find a Trading Card 43/48 underneath the broken path, then go over to the children's area to find an Artefact 73/117 on the table. Leave this building and take out another group of enemies up ahead, then go up to the 2F of the building on the right to find another Artefact 74/117.

Head up to the 2F of the building before the water to find a Trading Cardthen just before you interact with some pipes, look behind you to find a Trading Card hiding in the shelf.

Dive into the water on the right and walk up the muddy slope on the left. then climb up and walk left to find some Scrap and a Workbench. Now crawl through the gap and jump over the wall to view a short scene. Finally, follow Jesse into the building and drop down, here you'll find a Trading Card 44/48 inside the table you have to jump over, then move the pipes to get through.

Tip: There are no more collectibles to find in this next area, but make sure to explore it anyway, as you can find ammo and resources.

After the cutscene make your way over to the recently parked boat by using the corridors as cover, then once you've made it onto the boat, use [L1] to move and escape.

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Join Ellie and Dina, as they have to overcome difficult puzzles and encounters whilst traveling through Seattle. During this adventure you'll be able to find Artefacts for interesting backstory, Trading Cards for Ellie to collect, and Weapons to make the more difficult encounters easier.

The guide for The Last of Us: Part II will include all there is to see and do including a walkthrough featuring how to take down all encounters, locate all Collectibles/Weapons, and how to solve all puzzles.

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