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The Last of Us: Part II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 23-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 09-07-2020 / 14:24 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 10-07-2020 / 08:27 GMT

Follow Dina

Follow Dina to the building and tie up your horse, then go into the room ahead and speak with her on the balcony. Once the chat has concluded, press [Triangle] to add an entry to your Journal, then go into the other room and wait for Dina to free the path. Climb up the ladder and head into the room on the right to find a Bong, interact with it for some story.

Speak with Dina on the balcony to update your Journalthen head up and interact with the book to sign you both in now take the binoculars from Dina and look out to the right to see your next destination.

Grab the Scrap from the drawers and then interact with the book in the other room to sign you and Dina in, now speak with her at the window to acquire the Binoculars and look to the right to find out your next destination. Collect your horse from downstairs and continue following Dina.

Head up to the 2F of the building opposite the RV to find an Artefact in a drawerthen go into the final building on the right side to acquire a Trading Card from Dina.

Once you reach the houses, get off your horse and go into the RV to find some Scrap and Supplements. Exit the RV and head up the stairs in the opposite building to find an Artefact in a drawer and some Ammo/Supplements scattered around. Drop out of the building and go to the opposite side of the street and use the truck to enter the building. Here you can find some Supplements, Ammo, and a Trading Card. Return to your horse and follow Dina until you discover a dead moose.

Investigate the building

Enter the building via the window and sneak up on the enemy to take it down, then go through the window to get into the room past the locked door, here you can find some Supplements and Ammo. Unlock the door and head through the next door ahead, hold [Triangle] to force your way through, then throw the bottle at the enemy and follow up with a strike to take it down.

Tip: Always make sure to pick up any Bricks or Bottles, as you can use them to distract enemies or stun them by throwing at their head.

Explore the room for some Scrap and then climb through the window on the right, here you'll face a few enemies. Sneak up on the one the right first, then do a loop around starting from the left to stealth kill them all. Help Dina get up onto the van and wait for her to help you up, now climb under the truck ahead and mash [Square] until Dina saves you.

Help Dina up onto the van and wait for her to lift you up then head into back of the truck to find an Artefact.

Once you're back on your feet, climb into the truck to find some Scrap and then go into the room down to the right to find a way into the back of the truck, here you can find some Supplements and an Artefact. Finally, go back outside and up onto the top of the truck to reach the hole in the building.

Open the cupboard on the left to find some Alcohol and then use the rags that Dina gives you to craft a Medkit. Heal up whilst waiting for Dina to open the door and then head into the room on the left to find some Resources and Scrap. Slide through the gap and go into the room on the right to find an Artefact, some Ammo, and a Safe. Open up the Safe by inputting 07-20-13, inside you'll find some Scrap and Supplements.

Head into the room on the right to find an Artefact then put the combination found on the Board into the Safe to gain some useful items.

Note: The combination can be found by looking at the Artefact, then going over to the Employee of the Month board and looking at the date above the dog.

Tip: You'll now want to put these Supplements towards unlocking the Increased Health upgrade on the Survival Tree.

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Learn a player upgrade


Explore the kitchen area for some resources, then go through the gap to view a short scene. After Dina saved you once again, take out the two enemies and then help her free the door. Here you'll find a bunch of Supplements scattered around, collect them and the grab the Molotov off Dina before climbing through the window.

Help Dina free the wirethen throw it over the broken vent to allow you to climb up.

Here you'll want to do a loop around the area to stealth kill all the enemies, then do a quick sweep for some resources before going over to the shutter. Unfortunately the shutter isn't an option, so help Dina collect the wire, then throw it over the broken vent and climb up.

Explore the building

Slide off the roof and keep following Dina on your horse. Eventually you'll lose sight of her, so hug the left path and you'll soon reunite. Once you enter the building, follow it around and smash the glass open to gain access to another room, here you'll find some Scrap along with Eugene's Pendant when you open the next door.

Smash the glass to gain access to the back end of the building and then go into the small room to find a Trading Card now open up the bedside drawer further into the room to acquire an Artefact. Finally, turn on the generator and then interact with the workbench to upgrade your rifle.

Upon entering the next room, interact with the Giraffe to your right to add an entry to your Journal, then go into the small room on the left to find a Trading Card. Proceed further into the room to find an Artefact in Eugene's bedside draw, then interact with the table to acquire another Artefact. Finally, go into the side room and interact with the generator. In order to gain power you'll need to press [Triangle] and [Triangle] again until the full circle is white.

Follow the trail of light under the floor and then move the bookshelf to find an underground Weed Farm, here you'll want to interact with the join in the center to view a cutscene.

Once you've gained power, interact with the workbench and add stability to your Bolt-Action Rifle to make it easier to aim, now go back towards the room where you got the Pendant and interact with the Bookshelf to find a secret area. Head to the center of the room and interact with the jar of joints to initiate a cutscene.

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