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The Last of Us Part II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 23-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-08-2020 / 06:12 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 15-08-2020 / 07:13 GMT

Trading Cards Artefacts
5 10

Check on Dina

Once you've woken up from your well needed rest, head up to the Projection Room to see Dina. After the cutscene has come to a close you'll find yourself in Hillcrest.

Explore Hillcrest

To begin, turn around and grab the Trading Card 29/48 from the vehicle in the water, then climb back up and go into the third building on the left to find an Artefact 54/117, now head building opposite to find a Workbench, Scrap, and an Artefact 55/117 in the basement.

As soon as you gain control of Ellie, turn around to find this Trading Card in the vehiclenow climb back up and go into the third building on the left to find this Artefact.

Head outside and go right to find yourself in another part of town, then interact with the text on the Ruston Coffee Shops wall to add an entry to your journal, now go as far left as possible and go into the Caroline Paper Co. Store to find an Artefact 57/117 and a Trading Card 30/48.

Go back towards Ruston Coffee and head into the Used & Rare Books to store to find another Artefact 56/117 on the counter. Use the gap in the wall to gain access to the back of the shops, and then climb the ladder ahead to reach the roof.

Head into the Caroline Paper Co. Store to find this Artefact on the counterand this Trading Card in the boxes.

Tip: Once you've taken down the soldiers, be sure to explore the surrounding buildings for resources and scrap.

Drop down into the building below and take down the WLF Soldiers, then go through the red door on the left. Here you'll want to grab the bin from the left by opening the fence, then use it to get into the building before it slides down the hill. Once you're inside, collect the Scrap that is scattered around the area, then use the Workbench ahead.

Open the fence on the left to find this binthen use it to get up onto the building.

Before leaving, go over to the back right of the room to find a Trading Card 31/48 under a bike, and an Artefact 58/117 on the desk in the other room. Head out into the street ahead and go left to find yourself in Velvet Tattoo, here you can find some Supplements in the main room and an Artefact 59/117 in the back room. Finally, go out into the alley and remove the bin to gain access to the building, then quickly throw a Molotov in there to take down the Infected. Put 30-82-65 into the safe to open it and you'll find a Short Gun Holster, some Ammo, and Scrap.

Look to the right of the building to find this Trading Card under the bikethen head into the side room to find an Artefact.

Return to the street and head into Shear Lux to find some Supplements on the counter, then go into Goldstar Liquor. Drop down into the basement to find some more Supplements, then crawl through the gap in the wall and head up, here you'll find a Combat Manual on the floor.

Tip: With the Precision Branch now unlocked, you may want to consider unlocking the Aim Stability skill.

Go through the Goldstar Liquor to find this Artefact on the floorthen when you climb into a garden, look to your left to find this Trading Card in a playhouse.

Drop out of the window and head into Pet Boutique, here you'll find an Artefact 60/117 in the employee only room, and another on the wall in the kitchen. Leave the building via the kitchen exit and head up the stairs. Use the fence ahead to climb into the garden and then inspect the playhouse to find a Trading Card 32/48, now go into the house and collect an Artefact 62/117 along with some Supplements from the coffee table.

Grab the Artefact 63/117 from the kitchen counter and slide through the gap in the wall. Here you'll need to take down the infected, then collect the Bow before heading outside via the garage door. In this area you'll face an overwhelming amount WLF Soldiers and Dogs, so your best course of action is to use the empty buildings as cover, then take them out with the silenced pistol or the recently acquired bow.

Grab the Artefact from the kitchen counterthen collect the bow from the recently killed infected.

Tip: Dogs can track your scent, so make sure to move to a new location when they do, as they will alert the enemies to your location.

After the enemies have been taken down, head upstairs in the left building and crawl under the bed to find a Trading Card 33/48 , now go down into the garage to gather some Scrap. Finally, follow the path down whilst taking out any enemies, then once your drop out of a window a cutscene will playout. Once the cutscene has come to a close take out the remaining enemies then jump in the car Jesse.

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