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The Last of Us Part II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 23-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-08-2020 / 06:12 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 07-08-2020 / 18:34 GMT

Trading Cards Artefacts
6 7

Head for the Hospital

Once you've exited the Theater, head down the path and then go into the Supermarket on the right to find a Trading Card 35/48, now exit the Supermarket and make your way into Kingsgate Brewing. Take out the enemies here for an Artefact 65/117, then go into the Conference Center on the right and interact with the wall to add an entry to your Journal.

Head into the Supermarket on the right to find this Trading Card on the shelfthen kill the two enemies in the building ahead to acquire an Artefact.

Head up to the second floor via the ladder on the left, then smash the far left window to allow you to use the rope and swing across to the locked room on the left. Here you'll find some Scrap, Ammo, an Artefact 66/117, and a Trading Card 36/48.

Use the rope to swing over to the room on the leftthen pick up the Artefact from the floorand the Trading Card from the sofa.

Follow the path ahead and take the next left to find a truck. Climb onto it and head into the building. Here you'll want to go into the room on the right first to find an Artefact 67/117, then head into the bedroom to find a safe and a Trading Card 37/48 in the drawer by the bed.

Use the truck to reach the buildings second floor, then go into the room on the right to find an Artefact on the tableand a Trading Card in the bedside drawer.

Inspect the calendar to find out the anniversary date, then input 10-08-83 into the safe to gain access. Exit the room and head into the room opposite to find a workbench. Finally, before leaving this building, head into the room on the left to find an Artefact 68/117 on the bed and another on the TV stand.

Tip: Now that you've unlocked the Explosives branch, you may want to consider unlocking the Explosive Arrows, as this will be extremely useful against the enemies weak to fire later on.

Go back outside and use the bin on the right to climb over the gate, then head into the room on the right. Here you'll want to take the bin up to the top of the ramp and let go, now quickly sprint to open the gate before it reaches the bottom, so it goes outside.

Quickly open the gate before the bin reaches the bottom so you can get it outsidethen when you climb down the scaffold and head into the room on the left to find a Trading Card in the drawer.

Use the bin to climb up the wall and head up the stairs until you enter a short scene. After the scene has concluded, go into the building on the right and use the scaffold to reach the bottom floor, now throw a brick into the window on the left and climb into the room to find Ammo, Scrap, and a Trading Card 38/48 in the drawer.

Continue through the building whilst exploring every room for resources and ammo, then go through the window and head up the stairs. Jump across to the over platform and make your way through to the right of this building, and then open the door before the enemies get you.

Escape the Sewers

Unfortunately, you'll find yourself in the sewers, so quickly climb up the path on the right and walk across the ledge to reach the ladder.

Continue onwards to the Hospital

Head through the forest and eventually you'll get shot by an arrow, quickly remove it by holding [R1], then crawl through the tall grass and take down the enemies. Once the enemies are dealt with, interact with the body by the bus stop on the left to add an entry to your journal, then go up to the first floor of the building on the right.

Collect the Trading Card from the floor by the bikethen head up to the next floor to find an Artefact by a body.

Here you'll find want to follow the room around to find a Trading Card 39/48 on the floor by a scooter, then go into room 201 and grab the Scrap laying around. Go outside via the balcony and head up the stairs to find some Supplements and an Artefact 69/117 by the body.

Drop down and take out a few more enemies in the forest ahead, then make your way to the top of the car park. Drop down and follow the road up, then go left and enter the Merci store, here you'll need to take out three enemies past the red door.

Explore Weston Pharmacy

Go through to the next room and make your way up to the roof, then drop down into the water below and head up the stairs on the left. Head into Weston Pharmacy to find a Trading Card 40/48 and an Artefact 70/117 at the counter, then crawl through the gap in the wall to find a Workbench along with a Safe.

Head into Weston Pharmacy to find a Trading Cardand an Artefact on the counter.

Finally, open the safe by inputting 38-55-23, then go down the stairs. Swim across and take out the girl playing on her vita, then grab the Ammo on the right before going upstairs to reach the Hospital.

Explore the Hospital

Sneak around the area to take down the enemies with either the silenced pistol or bow, then do quick sweep around the area to find some resources and ammo, now head up the stairs and go through the first door ahead to find an Artefact 71/117. Next up you'll want to go into the room on the left and crawl through the vent to reach Nora.

Crawl through the grass to take out the enemiesthen go into the first room upstairs to find an Artefact.

After the cutscene you'll want to ignore the enemies and sprint after her. Eventually you'll fall down into a room full of infected, so hide in a corner a throw a brick out into the center and wait for the WLF and infected to kill each other.

Once there's only a couple left, take them out, then exit the room and find Nora for a cutscene.

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