The Last of Us Part II

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Eastbrook Elementary

Shane Williams
Trading Cards Artefacts
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Escape Eastbrook Elementary

During the cutscene you’ll get a prompt to press [triangle] twice to grab some glass, now use the glass by mashing [Square] to break free. Once you’re free, sprint up to the man strangling Dina and press [Triangle] to take him down.

After you’ve saved Dina you’ll have a quick fight with two enemies, here you’ll want to wait for Dina to distract them and then go around the left side to get two stealth kills.

(1 of 2) Sneak around to the left of the enemies whilst Dina districts them to get a stealth attack

Sneak around to the left of the enemies whilst Dina districts them to get a stealth attack (left), then when you reach the open room use the grass to sneak up on the enemies. (right)

Once you’ve made it into the room ahead, go into the room on the right and wait for the enemies to approach you one by one, so you can get easy stealth kills. After everyone is taken out, explore the rooms for resources, then go out to the open area.

Here there are a few enemies to take down, so you’ll want to sneak up on all of them by crawling through the overgrown grass. Once everyone is dead, go into the cafeteria for some Supplements, Ammo, Scrap and resources, and then go up to the roof. Go over to where Dina says “Here” and you’ll find some Ammo and Scrap, then crawl under the solar panels and wait for the enemies to come closer for a stealth takedown.

(1 of 4) Use the solar panels to hide from the enemies

Head into the room ahead and go right to find an Artefact 35/117 on the table, then explore the surrounding area for Supplements, Scrap, and resources. Continue onwards and go through the window on the right after discovering the door ahead is locked, then jump over the balcony to the right and proceed into the room.

Once you've made it the apartment, head into the bedroom and open the drawer by the bed for a Trading Card.

Go into the bedroom on the right to find some Scrap and a Trading Card 14/48 in the bedside drawer, then go into the bathroom for some Supplements. Follow Dina into another apartment, then explore the kitchen and bedroom for Scrap and Ammo, now go into the room on the right to view a scene.


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