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The Last of Us: Part II
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Shane Williams
First Published: 23-06-2020 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 06-07-2020 / 16:19 GMT
Version: 0.1 (????) 06-07-2020 / 17:26 GMT

Head to the TV Station

Drop down from the building and head left, continue to the end of the path and take a right, now go into the number 6 building, and go upstairs. Here you'll find some Supplements, Ammo, Scrap, and an Artefact on the bed. Once you're done, exit the apartment and head left to find the number 3 apartment, proceed inside and open the drawer by the chair for a Trading Card.

Head into the number 6 building to find an Artefact on the bedthen go over to the number 3 building to find a Trading Card in the drawer.

Explore the Capitol Inn

Head over to the Capitol Inn and go into the room with the open door, here you'll want to collect some Supplements from the bathroom, then use the window to get into the room on the left. Collect the Trading Card from the floor, then grab the green bin over to the right and use it to climb into the window above.

Head into the open room at the Capitol Inn and go into the room on the left via the window to find a Trading Card on the floorthen grab the green bin and use it climb up into the window. Here you'll find an Artefact in the drawerand a recipe on the bed.

Here you'll find some Ammo, Scrap, Supplements, an Artefact in the kitchen, and finally the Trap Mine Recipe on the Bed. Drop back down to Dina and climb the fence on the right via the bin, then go into the blue building on the left for some resources.

Once you're done continue onwards and head into the Gas Station, here you'll find some Supplements, Scrap, and a workbench. This time around you'll want to work on adding damage to your Revolver and then work on fully upgrading the Semi-Auto Pistol.

Tip: Make sure to take down the four enemies surrounding the Gas Station before using the Workbench.

Scope out the Book Store

Exit the Gas Station and head into the Book Store on the left, here you'll want to go into the side room to find an Artefact by the counter and the Stealth Combat Manual on the table. Go through the white door and take out the enemies, then collect the Trading Card by the record player. Finally, grab the Supplements from the toilet and leave the building.

Head into the back room of the Book Store to find an Artefact behind the counter and a combat manual on the desknow go through the white door to find a Trading Card by the record player.

Tip: Now that you've unlocked the Stealth Branch, make sure to unlock the Silencers upgrade, as this makes Stealth a lot easier.

Continue until you reach a point where you have drop down, then head into the Bank of Meridian, hug the left wall to find a drawer with Supplements inside.

Explore Olive Street Market / Bagel Bros

Once you're done head into the Olive Street Market on the left to find some Ammo, Scrap, and a Trading Card in the locker. Finally, head into Bagel Bro's to acquire some Supplements, Ammo, and resources scattered around.

Head into the Olive Street Market to find a Trading Card in the lockerthen continue deeper into the area to find another Trading Card in the Liquor Store.

Head upstairs and take out the single enemy, then drop off to the next portion of the street. Take a right and help Dina up, then climb up behind, now head left and wait for the enemy running at you to die via the trap. Go into the liquor store for some Ammo and a Trading Card.

Tip: From this point onwards you'll stumble across a lot of Trip Wires, so make sure to always keep a bottle or brick on you, as you can throw them at it and cause it to explode.

Continue along the path and go through the gate on the right, but before sliding down, climb the ladder on the right to find an Artefact and some Scrap. Slide down the hill and hug the left path to find a truck parked on the right, inside holds an Artefact and some Ammo.

Climb up the ladder to the right of the slope to find an Artefactthen hug the left path to find another Artefact in the back of a truck.

Follow the path whilst hugging the left side and you'll eventually reach an area with a load of bodies, here you'll want to go over to the noticeboard in the first building on the right to find an Artefact, then use the workbench found in the room on the left. Finally, go into the building ahead to find a Trading Card on the shelf.

Once you reach an area full of bodies, head into the building on the right to find an Artefact pinned to the noticeboardnow go into the next building ahead to find a Trading Card on the shelf.

Go through the door on the right and then turn right to find an Artefact on the noticeboard, then go into the room ahead to find Staci's number on the wall, now go into the last room to find a Safe. Using Staci's number put 55-01-33 into the safe to gain access.

Finally, go back outside and head left, open the back of the truck and continue onwards. Use all the bricks and bottles scattered around to get past the trip wires, then head up the stairs to the radio station.

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