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V Rising

General Valencia the Depraved Boss Guide

Ben Chard

V Rising features many bosses that contain V Blood, a substance that will power up your character with new spells, recipes, and structures. With the release of 1.0, many new bosses have been added and General Valencia the Depraved is one of the toughest news one you may encounter (aside from Dracula himself), in the Ruins of Mortium area.

General Valencia awaits you in the Ruins of Mortium in V Rising.

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If you want to jump straight to our strategy, or perhaps see what rewards you get from beating General Valencia, check out the following table:

General Valencia Location

As mentioned above, you’ll need to venture into the Ruins of Mortium region to track General Valencia. This region was added with the 1.0 release of V Rising and is considered the end-game zone of Vardoran, where you can encounter Incursion events that let you stockpile Stygian Shards that allow you acquire the best equipment in the game.

You can reach the Ruins of Mortium by taking the southeast exit from the Cursed Forest (in the northeast of the map) or east from the Dunley Farmlands. Both entrances are near, but you’ll want to consider the Cursed Forest entrance for the quickest path to where General Valencia lurks. While you’re making your way through the region, you may want to take a moment and drain the Draculin blood type, as the increased health regeneration at higher ranks is welcome indeed, especially as Valencia won’t give you too many openings.

(1 of 2) Go to the North Fortress Ruins in the Ruins of Mortium region

Go to the North Fortress Ruins in the Ruins of Mortium region (left), you will find General Valencia in the arena there. (right)

From the entrance to the Ruins of Mortium (via the Cursed Forest), head south and you’ll reach the North Fortress Ruins where General Valence is. You’ll find her down the stairs, but consider taking out any nearby enemies before you begin the battle.

General Valencia Boss Strategy

Valencia is one of the tougher battles in V Rising, and you’ll need to wait until you’re at least Level 83 to give yourself a reasonable chance of beating her, you’ll need every advantage you can get. As with most bosses, if you can bring some friends with you to the battle, you’ll make life a little easier for you.

General Valencia has multiple attacks that you’ll need to watch out for and you can learn about them all below:

Spear Leap

Watch out for a red circle that appears where you’re standing as Valencia will soon leap high into the air and come crashing down on you, causing multiple spears to rise from the ground in a circle around you. This should be simple to dash away from provided it’s not on cooldown.

(1 of 2) Look for a red circle

Look for a red circle (left), and get away to avoid General Valencia’s Spear Leap. (right)

A Thousand Spears

Pay attention to a conal marker in front of Valencia and dash out of the way, what follows is General Valencia stabbing furiously multiple times in that cone (which stretches throughout most of the arena). If you’re caught in this, you’ll most likely suffer all of the strikes from it as you won’t have time to react and will flinch constantly.

(1 of 2) Start moving when you see the red conal marker

Start moving when you see the red conal marker (left), if you get caught in A Thousand Spears, you will take massive damage. (right)

Thrust Combo

This is General Valencia’s basic attack combos and are, for the most part, easy to avoid, especially if your dash is available. One thing to be aware of is that her attacks do have a large arc to them due to her wielding a Spear.

(1 of 2) General Valencia’s basic combo has a wide arc to it

General Valencia’s basic combo has a wide arc to it (left), you must attack her from behind when using her Spear Barrier attack. (right)

Spear Barrier

Valencia will spin her Spear in front of her, preventing any damage from the front and dealing damage to anyone who comes into contact with it. If you have other players with you, you can use one or more of them to get free hits from behind while she focuses on a single target.

Crimson Maiden

Perhaps the most difficult part of this battle, Valencia will summon a Crimson Maiden in the center of the arena. This will spin around and attempt to suck players inside, dealing massive damage in the process. What’s more, this tricky customer can also drain your Blood if you’re too close. Whenever you see this, focus your attention on it until it’s defeated, just be aware that Valencia can summon this multiple times throughout the battle.

General Valencia is not as deadly as you may first think, but you’ll want to ensure that you have a useful Dash ability, such as the ever useful Veil of Blood that will allow your next attack to heal you. Beyond this, consider an easily spammable ranged ability such as Sanguine Coil and a shield ability, we like the Frost Ultimate Ice Block, especially if you have other people with you.

As for your weapons, consider using one with range, such as one of the bows or more ideally, the Pistols, due to their excellent skills they offer. Having more evasive tools will make this battle much easier.

(1 of 2) General Valencia will summon a Crimson Maiden throughout the battle

General Valencia will summon a Crimson Maiden throughout the battle (left), stick behind it and take it out as soon as possible. (right)

The main goal in the battle against Valencia is to keep your distance as many of her attacks have range on them. Try to ensure you always have an evasive maneuver available at all times as she has many tools to close the gap on you. Once you see her summon the Crimson Maiden, turn your attention to it and focus it down. You can easily avoid most of the attacks from the Crimson Maiden by sticking to the back of it.

Once you have General Valencia under half of her health, she will start combining several of her attacks together, making it far more difficult to find an opening. If you weren’t using a ranged weapon before now, consider switching over for this stage of the fight. You’ll also notice that the Crimson Maiden will be summoned with greater frequency, so if she’s almost defeated, ignore it and focus on finishing her off.

General Valencia Rewards

When you defeat Valencia, you’ll be able to unlock another Blood magic ultimate with the Blood Magic Spell Point (Tier 3), a Coat of Arms furnishing along with the Shadow Weave and Primal Jewels recipes, allowing you to increase your power further for the final challenges in V Rising.

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