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V Rising

V Rising Armor List

Ben Chard

Combat plays a significant role in V Rising, and to aid you in that endeavour are the plethora of different armor sets that you can craft, all with their own perks. This page will give you an overview of all of the armor you can currently craft in V Rising.

You will need to stay on top of your Armor if you wish to take down the V Blood Carriers in V Rising.

How to Craft Armor

You’ll need to ensure you have a Castle set up somewhere to craft anything more than the basic Boneguard armor. Once you have a location for your castle, you’ll want to invest in multiple Furnaces so that you can refine your Ore while you’ll also want several Looms in place to generate the Cloth you need for higher end armor. From there, you’ll want to ensure you have the following Structures:

Icon Structure Armor
SimpleWorkbenchVRising.png Simple Workbench Boneguard and Nightstalker armor
TailoringBenchStructureVRising.png Tailoring Bench Hollowfang and Dawnthorn armor

These Structures, and the recipes that come with them, are obtained by defeating the powerful V Blood Carriers located around Vardoran. As a general rule, you’ll need to defeat the lead V Blood Carrier of a region to gain the structure and recipes for the next tier of gear, such as Quincey the Bandit King rewarding you with the Tailoring Bench and the recipes for the Hollowfang armor.

Upgraded Armor

Within an armor tier, you can craft an upgraded version of the current armor. For example Boneguard armor can become Plated Boneguard armor, Nightstalker and Hollowfang can be come Merciless versions of their armor. These will grant upgraded stats and serve as making your life easier to bridge the gap to the V Blood Carriers that unlock the next tier. To obtain the recipes for these, you’ll have to hope you get a rare drop from enemies that you can then use at the Research Desk or Study. Alternatively, you can use Paper or Scrolls to learn a random recipe, giving you a chance of getting that recipe without the drop.

All Armor in V Rising

Icon Category Gear Level
BoneguardArmorVRising.png Boneguard 1
PlatedBoneguardArmorVRising.png Plated Boneguard 2
NightstalkerArmorVRising.png Nightstalker 3
MercilessNightstalkerArmorVRising.png Merciless Nightstalker 4
HollowfangArmorVRising.png Hollowfang 5
MercilessHollowfangArmorVRising.png Merciless Hollowfang 6
DawnthornArmorVRising.png Dawnthorn 7
BloodmoonArmorVRising.png Bloodmoon 8

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