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V Rising

V Rising Boss List

Ben Chard

The V Blood Carriers are a major part of V Rising, killing them will not only get you new powers and skills, but you’ll also learn new recipes needed to progress. This page will give you an overview of all of the bosses you can currently fight in V Rising.

Raziel is just one of the many bosses you will encounter in V Rising.

How to Find V Blood Carriers

Although you can just happen across V Blood Carriers through natural exploration, the game does give you a tool to make life easier for yourself. Once you have a Castle of your own, you can craft a Blood Altar by gathering 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essences, all of which are starter items that shouldn’t cause you too much trouble to gather.

Place this in your base and then, when you use it, you can see the V Blood Carriers that are within your 10 level range along with what structures and recipes they may unlock. You can also choose to track the boss, and this will give you a blood trail that will direct you to where you may find the chosen boss. Alternatively, and far easier, you can consult this page and our V Rising Interactive Map to show you where they are, saving on precious travel time.

Bosses by Region

The following list of tables will show you all of the V Blood Carriers in each of Vardoran’s regions. It will also show you the Powers that you can unlock and the recipes and structures that come from absorbing their V Blood. For more information on how to defeat these foes, click on their respective names (bear with us while we work on these.).

Farbane Woods Bosses

Dunley Farmlands Bosses

Icon Name Map Marker Powers Unlocks
BeatriceBossVRising.png Beatrice the Tailor (38) Dawnbreak Village HumanFormSkillsVRising.png Human Form Loom, Assortment of Curtains, Hunter’s Cloak, Cloth, Cotton Yarn
VincentBossVRising.png Vincent the Frostbringer (40) Roaming FrostBarrierSkillsVRising.png Frost Barrier, VeilofFrostSkillsVRising.png Veil of Frost Prison Cell, Reinforced Plank
ChristinaBossVRising.png Christina the Sun Priestess (44) Dawnbreak Village PurgatorySkillsVRising.png Purgatory Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Holy Resistance Potion, Blood Rose Potion
LeandraBossVRising.png Leandra the Shadow Priestess (46) Church of the Damned SpectralAssassinSkillsVRising.png Spectral Assassin Jewelcrafting Table, Scourge Pendant, Scourgestone, Skeleton Priest
TerahBossVRising.png Terah the Geomancer (48) Bedrock Pass SpectralGuardianSkillsVRising.png Spectral Guardian Gem Cutting Table, Siege Golem Stone, Regular Gems
MeredithBossVRising.png Meredith the Bright Archer (52) Haunted Iron Mine SanguineCoilSkillsVRising.png Sanguine Coil Wool Thread
OctavianBossVRising.png Octavian the Militia Captain (58) Bastion of Dunley MirrorStrikeSkillsVRising.png Mirror Strike Anvil, Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia, Dark Silver Weapons
RazielBossVRising.png Raziel the Shepherd (60) Dunley Monastery CrimsonBeamSkillsVRising.png Crimson Beam Athenaeum, Silver Resistance Potion, Corrupted Artefact
TristanBossVRising.png Jade the Vampire Hunter (62) Roaming CrimsonBarrageSkillsVRising.png Crimson Barrage Major Explosive Box, Primal Blood Essence
WillfredBossVRising.png Willfred the Werewolf Chief (64) Gloomgrave Village HeartStrikeSkillsVRising.png Heart Strike Holy Resistance Flask

Hallowed Mountains Bosses

Icon Name Map Marker Powers Unlocks
FrostmawBossVRising.png Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (56) Roaming IceNovaSkillsVRising.png Ice Nova Scroll
TerrorclawBossVRising.png Terrorclaw the Ogre (68) Frozen Cave ArcticLeapSkillsVRising.png Arctic Leap

Cursed Forest Bosses

Icon Name Map Marker Powers Unlocks
UngoraBossVRising.png Ungora the Spider Queen (60) Spider Cave VolatileArachnidSkillsVRising.png Volatile Arachnid Ghost Yarn, Silk, Spiderling
FoulrotBossVRising.png Foulrot the Soultaker (62) Eastern Ancient Village MistTranceSkillsVRising.png Mist Trance Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust, Banshee
DukeBossVRising.png The Duke of Balaton (62) Swamp of Greed ToadFormSkillsVRising.png Toad Form
MatkaBossVRising.png Matka the Curse Weaver (72) Nest of the Curse Weaver UnstableMosquitoSkillsVRising.png Unstable Mosquito Schematic, Mosquito
StyxBossVRising.png Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer (72) Roaming BatFormSkillsVRising.png Bat Form
GorecrusherBossVRising.png Gorecrusher the Behemoth (72) Lair of the Behemoth WispDanceSkillsVRising.png Wisp Dance

Silverlight Hills Bosses

Icon Name Map Marker Powers Unlocks
MariwynBossVRising.png Mariwyn the Elementalist (64) Emberleaf Grove CrystalLanceSkillsVRising.png Imperial Thread
MorianBossVRising.png Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (68) Southern Harpy Nest VoidSkillsVRising.png Void Flawless Gems
AzarielBossVRising.png Azariel the Sunbringer (68) Brighthaven Cathedral PowerSurgeSkillsVRising.png Power Surge Gold Ingot
SolarusBossVRising.png Solarus the Immaculate (80) Fortress of Light SummonFallenAngelSkillsVRising.png Summon Fallen Angel


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