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V Rising

Where to Find All Vampire Waygates

Scott Peers

This page details everything you need to know about Vampire Waygates in V Rising. We’ll cover where to find all the Vampire Waygates in Vardoran, how to use them, and which types of items restrict you from fast travel with them.

All Vampire Waygate Locations in V Rising

How Vampire Waygates Work

There are currently 10 Vampire Waygates located throughout the world of Vardoran in V Rising, with four in Farbane Woods, three in Dunley Farmlands, one in the Cursed Forest, one in the Silverlight Hills, and one in the Hallowed Mountains. Unlike Cavepassages, you can travel from any Vampire Waygate to any other on the map, including to and from your own when you come to build one in your castle. You can even travel to and from the Vampire Waygates of other players, so long as you’re in the same clan.

This sounds simple enough from a traditional fast travel / portal perspective, but as with Cavepassages, there’s a catch. The main restriction of Vampire Waygates is that you can’t travel between them if you have resources in your inventory. This includes things like all ore and ingot types (Copper, Iron, Sulphur, Scourgestone, Dark Silver, and Gold), Plant Fibre, Cotton, Course Thread, Wool Thread, Lumber, Planks, Animal Hides, Leather, Bone, Stone, Clay… essentially, anything you can craft with, you can’t teleport through Vampire Waygates with.

(1 of 3) You can build a Vampire Waygate in your castle grounds so long as its placed outside the interior walls of your castle.

Vampire Waygate Locations

The below table and map details the locations of all 10 Vampire Waygates that can currently be found in Vardoran. You can see that there’s a decent spread of these throughout the map, but you can add even more to specific areas by building them yourself, or by using those that other members in your clan may have built. You’ll find the recipe to build your own Vampire Waygate from the Structures & Decor tab of the Exterior build menu. To build it, you’ll need 200 Blood Essence, 20 Planks, 20 Copper Ingots, and 10 Gem Dust. You should also keep in mind that you won’t be able to build a Vampire Waygate inside your castle walls. Instead, you’ll need to build it on an exterior surface, either on the basic border, grass, cobblestones, or another type of outdoor flooring.

There are currently 10 Vampire Waygates to be found throughout Vardoran.


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